Tactical Operation: Stealth Potato – Episode 1

As previously stated, my team and I are to come up with a game plan to bag all 30 tickets to Old Trafford and enjoy a good old football match. Knowing us Malaysians, if we can save money and yet bag all those tickets we'll do it! Call us kiasu. Call us stingy. Call us tight arsed but hey, it saves money right? 100% profitability.

Let's recap on what the prizes are and how you can win it.

Take a look at the GRAND PRIZE! Football tour to Manchester, England. This includes Stadium and Museum Tours worth RM 15k and they're giving this out for FREE! On top of that, top 3 highest football point collectors get RM 5k! Monthly winners will get official football jerseys. I like Ballack. He's kinda cute.

Now that a beauty.

All you have to do to enter the competition is collect Mister Potato seal and pouch to accumulate football points and redeem attractive prizes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Game Plan

So our team has decided to run our game plan in several phases within the course of 48 hours. First phase starts with me and get the plan going. Remember, our objective is simple and direct. Collect as many Mister Potato canister seals and empty pouches and enter the Mister Potato Football Contest. So we came up with 5 fantabulous plans. All of it which will be explained thoroughly in 5 episodes of posts!

T minus:




Our mission starts with something simple yet guarantees to bring in many Mr. Potato stubs. Due to the huge success of KL Freeze in getting people to rally for a common cause through the use of Internet, mainly Facebook, I propose we recreate the KL Freeze event with a twist of Mr. Potato. It is high time that we have a Mr. Potato Day celebration in this country.

To start this is easy. Take any random person on the street and I bet you that person has a Facebook account. The world is getting smaller and smaller. So create an event code named Mister Potato Day. All participants must bring at least a packet of Mister Potato with them. Knowing the power of Facebook, it'll generate enough hype that even the media will come to cover the story. And knowing people and their love of being publicised, they will come for their 5 seconds of fame.

This was KL Freeze but it's just missing a little something...

Something's not right...

It's missing this of course!

Packets of Mister Potato go a long way~~~

KL Freeze would look very different with Mister Potato. Everyone there with a packet of Mister Potato.

Photos courtesy of Shahril Mohammad.

Photo courtesy of Shahril Mohammad.

Here are some of the winning poses that will guarantee to be media worthy.

As the clock strikes twelve, everyone opens their Mister Potato and munch. Several assigned staffs will go around collecting the empty Mister Potato packets and thus collecting the canister seals and empty pouches. Win win situation. Mister Potato and the crowds get their publicity while we have the canister seals and empty pouches for FREE!

Mission accomplished.

T minus:




Meanwhile, Wong Yee Ming (Episode 2) initiates the second phase of our game plan.

Shaolin Tiger - Prologue
Precious Pea - Episode 3
Roeseann - Episode 4
Miss Porcinus May - Episode 5

You know you love me.
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Kimberlycun said...

oh fuck! lol

Jason said...

WherE? When?

Cedric Ang said...

do 1 like the KL Freeze larh ..
just post in facebook, I will be in this time. (never got an invite for KL Freeze)

Remember, do it at some undisclosed venue.


ShaolinTiger said...

Heh, potato freeze - nice!

Precious Pea said...

I volunteer my service to collect all the 'rubbish'!

Ohkulala said...

i think its a brilliant idea! count me in :)

Pumpkin said...

Good idea!!!