Why I Love KL

Less than a day of my arrival in KL, already I'm busy as a bee. Busy socializing that is. There's just so many things happening in KL and my schedule is slowly filling up as the days go by. Better to have something to do then nothing right?

So let's see what I was doing and will be doing for the week to come.

Last night and tonight, I was out for "yam cha" or better known as supper with some bloggers. Last night, I had the most yummy Hokkien Char Mee with extra fried pork rind. Pity the place had bad lighting and I couldn't take a photo of it. But I'm sure I'll return once more to have it again. Will take the photo then hopefully. And tonight, it was just a regular mamak session. Nothing like good old mamak session with a friend to chat.

Then tomorrow, I have an event to cover in The Curve. F&N Freestylz, street art competition. I'm very interested to take a look at street art in action. Most of us just think its a sore eye in city scapes but they're actually very artistic if done properly. So that'll take a day.

Then Tuesday, La Fashion Designer is coming back and I am obligated to welcome his arrival... Diva ass... Just as well. Haven't seen him in donkey years and who knows when will I see him again. I do hope he remembers to get me one donut from Krispy Kream. It's just utterly sinful yet heavenly~~~

Come Thursday, I have my interview with DC I! I've yet to start my preparation for it... Arrrgh. I'll get around to it. I must! Shall focus.

And Friday, I've got a party for three birthday celebrations and a farewell party all in one. Something tells me there's drinking involve and you know me. I love parties with booze and dancing~~~ Finally I can satisfy my hunger to party. Yey~~~

This is why I love KL. It's so happening! I shall enjoy it while I still can before being shipped elsewhere for work.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Zyklon22 said...

You didn't mention that we went to Tranny's Corner. LOL.

William said...

Grafitti is abound near Central Market. K.i.o.u.e and some guy I think.

Darren said...

Many times i went to KL, it had never failed to sent shivers down my spine...

Ohkulala said...

I love KL too, so many things to do, people to meet and places to go. Unfortunately, pocket also empty. hehe

Queer Ranter said...

Zkylon22: I refuse to call that place Tranny 's Corner...


William: Oh really? Hmmm how interesting.

Darren: Hhahaha. The excitement eh?

Ohkulala: I know!!! Money~~~ :(

La Faghag said...

gotta love, PJ too! hehe :D

Jason said...

You didn't went to SIN with Xavier last saturday?

Queer Ranter said...

LaFaghag: Yep yep. PJ too. :P

Jason: Nope. He was there after I left. Dem... Could have snogged him too. Hhahahah.