Cutie For An Interviewer

Now for the post interview briefing (or is it debriefing...). But let me just say this, one of the interviewer is super duper CUTE! Like seriously cute! For a guy who has been working in this line for six years, he's got a really good complexion! Lovely face structure and the skin is so fair, not to mention smooth and it glows too.

I love his adorable single slit eyes. There's something about his eyes that's so attractive. Oh and his smile. Oh his smile... Lovely fine lips. Nice pink-ish lips. He's a soft spoken person too. All the more attractive~~~ But I shall remain professional.

Best thing is, if I'm hired, I'll be under him (now how did they figure that's my favourite place to be?)! He'll be the person I'll be reporting to. I think he'll be my mentor as well. Good company, good pay and good looking superior! What more can I ask!? I do hope I snag this opportunity~~~

Back to the interview. I think the interview went alright. There was an aptitude test of a sort. It had IQ test, basic log reading (which I have no idea how to do...) and trigonometry questions. My brain was exhausted doing those trigonometry questions. I haven't touch them in like six years! Sine. Cosine. Tangent. Find the angle. Find the length of the side.

So after that, there was the one to one interview with the three of them. That went well. Mostly getting to know me sort of questions. I could answer them fairly well. Then there was the group sort of interview. I couldn't answer one question well. The question was, "How could you be an asset to the company?". I was like fark and I had to answer it first. I tried my best but that was like my weakest answer of them all. Oh well. No worries.

And no I didn't talked about ribbed condoms or tight arses...

The thing is, there were four of us being interviewed and they are only hiring two. So basically I have a 50-50 chance. I've already done my part and now it's up to them on who they want to hire.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Legolas said...

Unfair! Why all my bosses are fugly!

Queer Ranter said...

Legolas: Hahahaha. It's not that bad what. You're being paid loads.