Where Them Boys Went?

I was at SIN after the Freestylz event in hopes of drinking, dancing and seeing them cuties. But alas, when we got there, there was hardly anyone in the club. I was sitting by the bar with my bottle of beer for two hours and the club was literally empty... Even with free entrance too... Not many people came in. No one was dancing on the dance floor.

It wasn't the first destination where there weren't many (if any) eye candies. Imagine Pavilion only had a handful of good looking patrons... How can Queer Central be lacking of eye candies?!

Then it hit me. Most of them have gone back to their hometown for Dragon Boat Festival. Meh... That's where they went. Home to be with family and eat Zongzi... There's an interesting story behind Zongzi about how this festival came to be. I just like Zongzi cause it's delicious and uniquely Chinese. My aunt makes a mean Zongzi.

So KL was experiencing a shortage of eye candies for the weekend. I do hope next week they will be around. Clubbing is best when eye candies are around. Then again, I might be too bimbotic-aly drunk to notice them. Heheheh.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ohkulala said...

let's hope they will appear on thursday!!

Anonymous said...

u mention about KL or Spore? Confuse! Btw beside Pavillion normally where thus Queen went for clubbing?

Queer Ranter said...

Ohkulala: Definitely~~~ Dress to kill time! :P

Anonymous: I'm in KL. Pavilion is a shopping mall. Loads of queers can be seen there. Clubbing wise, they're in La Queen, Market Place, Blue Boy, SIN and Frangipani. Those are the ones that I know.

Jason said...

Clubbing this Sat then? :)

Will said...

where the heck is SIN located at KL? First of all i told SIN mean Singapore that's why i'm confuse with u post. Now i realise that the SIN that u mention doesn't mean Singapore. Gosh!