Right Here, Right Now

Yey, finally a meme to write. I miss doing memes and it has been ages since someone tagged me. Meme's are useful when there's nothing to blog for the day. Hahahha. Filler posts. Oh well. Here's the meme.

Right now, what's at the top of your "top 25" list on iTunes?

It is a tie between Sara Bareilles - Love Song and Hairspray - Miss Baltimore Crabs.

Right now, what's the first thing on your "to do" list for today?

Check on my torrent download for Sex and The City Season 3 and 4.

Right now, what are you thinking about having for your next meal?

I have a sudden craving for "bak kut teh"... Someone please feed me "bak kut teh"~~~

Right now, what other applications are running on your PC as you do this meme?

iTunes of course. Then uTorrent for my torrent downloads. MSN and GTalk running at the back.

Right now, name 5 people you think will respond to this Meme if you tagged them?

I'm tagging girls this time. I'm amazed I have more than five gals in my blogroll!

Min Li
Miss Porcinus May
Roe Seann

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Janvier said...

Now we understand Jason's comment about the bkt.

cedric ang said...

we had bak kut teh wut