Idiot Box Busted

I'm not the potato couch kind but when the Astro decoder went busted, I strangely feel like something is missing... I probably spent an average of three hours tops watching TV per week. So it was a surprise for me that I'm actually missing it.

Humbug Baldrick, fix my Astro.

No idea what happened but I assure you that it's truely busted and not an idiotic case of not plugging in the decoder into the power point. One fine morning, it just wouldn't work. Pressing the on button on the remote didn't work. Pressing the manual on button didn't work either. Even fiddled with the wire connected to the power point but nothing happened.

Well now it's in Astro's service center. I hope it's nothing majorly wrong with the circuit. Let's see how long do they take to fix it. I'm missing my E! already... I need my fix of gossips and hawt photo of actors!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


William said...

The alternative is RTM1. :P

Anonymous said...

Not sure if its just you; coincidently I am having the same problem. The damn box just won't want to "boot" up!

Ernie said...

dengar radio? ol's skool babe!

Queer Ranter said...

William: Hahahaha. RTM 1. Haven't watched that in ages!

Cedricang: Weird... Maybe it's manufacturing defect...

Ernie: Hahahah. I don't even listen to radio can you believe that?