F&N FreeStylz

My first Media Pass to an event was a totally AWESOME experience. Loads (enough to feed the whole of Africa) of food from Italiannies, freebies, met up with friends, took a photo with a celebrity (Danny Wan) and watched artists create beautiful street arts on giant tin cans. So yes, totally enjoyed myself there.

Basically the whole event is to promote street art, a good platform for youngsters to express themselves. So they got local celebrities to help design three limited edition F&N cans (Sarsi, Ice Cream Soda and Orange). How awesome is it to have your own can eh? These cans will be on the shelves for two months. I like the cans cause they're funky!

Q&A Session.

The event started out with torrents of food served to us from Italianese. Caesar's Salad, stuffed mushroom, several types of pasta and pizzas. It was truely a huge feast. Then came the Q&A session with the marketing team and two celebrities who designed the cans regarding this campaign. Once that was done, then it was camwhoring session! I managed get one with Daniel Wan~~~

Every one of us got the limited edition cans as freebies! Though mine only has one autograph on it... They must have run out of autographed cans when it came to my freebie... Something is better than nothing right?

Limited edition cans.

Took some photos of the street art on the can and I must say, some are really impressive. My favourite was the one with the cute blue and white cartoon character with the stitches on its hands. So cute!

So yea, it was totally a fun event for me. I do wish that they gave us those media tags and such. Oh well.

Oddly enough, meeting Aronil, MinLi, Nick Dorian and Yee Ming was the highlight of the event for me. Weird I know but its true.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


William said...

well who is daniel wan?

Janvier said...

Or rather, what restaurant is this that serves Italian(ese) food? :P

Queer Ranter said...

William: I didn't realise he doesn't seem to be Google-able. Hahahha. Try YouTubing him. He's a Malaysian singer.

Janvier: Eh? Italianese as in the restaurant.

William said...

Danny One is slightly shorter than you hor?

William K said...

it's Daniel Lee or Danny Wan? However really out of Msia Entertaiment news. Really need to catch up when i'm back to Msia.

Queer Ranter said...

William: A little. Kinda adorable ish la.

William K: Danny Wan. Dunno why I thought it was Daniel... But yea. Never heard of him until that day. :P