I Got Fished!

The results for Nuffnang's premier for Made of Honour is finally out! Got the email from Robb the Blogger Relations Executive (cool title man!) today. So yey I'm going for it. 8 course dinner in JW Marriott and the movie premier. Oh this is so exciting!

Thanks Nuffnang. Love you lots~~~ Thanks to Hong Leong Bank too.

At least now I know pressie for La Fashion Designer is covered (went through hell to get it too). Best thing is that Slender Faghag got in too and the bestest best thing is La Faghag is coming too and we'll all be dressed up by La Fashion Designer. So it'll be me, La Fashion Designer, Slender Faghag and La Faghag. Just like old times. I do hope we will make a grand entrance with out pretty outfits!

They're serving alcohol too! I do hope it's free flowing but I should watch it. Don't wanna make a bimbotic fool out of myself now do I? Imagine me giggling on a particularly sad scene and everyone around me staring at me waiting to throw drinks and popcorns.

I finally decided on what to wear for the event. It's simple but with a twist of Chuck Bass. It's the same batik jacket that I wore for a dinner function last year but I will pair that with a red scarf. Bright red on black is totally hawt! Gotta love La Fashion Designer. He's got loads of stuff to wear and a kind heart to lend them to me.

I totally love the outfit!

Who else got through?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Ohkulala said...

i'm totally, superbly, highly excited like the energizer bunny. which reminds me, i better go charge my camera batteries coz when the gang gets togehter, the camwhore begins!!

Jason said...

Yay, go and show off your fabulousity!

Queer Ranter said...

Ohkulala: Yes yes. Charge it cause it's gonna run out in a flash.

Jason: Definitely! Me hearts going to events~~~

Ah-Bong said...

you lucky bitch!


enjoy urself