Durian Season Is Back!

My favourite fruit of all time is back and mommy bought one this morning. It was a real good buy. The meat was thick and extremely full of the yummy durian flavour. It was extremely sweet, so tender and melt with every bite. Great way to start the day but at the same time horrible way to start because no amount of mints will wash the bad breath away.

Hmmm thorny delight.

Since durian season is back, I thought I might share some tips with you guys. I hate eating with my fingers for the sole reason, my fingers will smell of what I just ate. Let it be banana leaf rice or "nasi lemak", my fingers will smell of it no matter how much I wash it. Same applies for durian. It is impossible to get rid of it using conventional soap.

I discovered a very uncanny solution to this persistent stink of a problem. Durian shell. No not pierce your hands with it. Put the shell (the thorny part) under a running water and wash your hands with it that water. Sounds simple enough but it works like a charm. Not sure if it'll work for washing down bad durian breath.

We believe that durian are "heaty" food. Meaning, it rises the body's temperature and it does. Eat enough and it might just give you a fever and sore throat (to some people). So my mom will put some salt on the white part of the shell where the fruit was contained, mix it with some water and drink it from there. It is believe to mitigate the heat. This is not proven but I just drink it anyways.

Another method to mitigate the heat is to eat mangosteen while eating durian. Mangosteens are "cooling" food so it'll cool you down. I just eat them cause I like them. Cooling effect would be a side effect for my love of eating mangosteens. Delicious fruits. Yum!

So there, three hopefully helpful tips for you to enjoy your durians.

To those who haven't tried durian because of the pungent smell, you don't know what you're missing. It may smell like Hell but it sure taste like Heaven.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


joey said...

UGH. i miss durians ):

William said...

Just ONE ulas and the phlegm will come. :(

quicksilverlining said...

eating fruits eh? heheheh...

Jason said...

Lol.. you described it like the stinky beancurd. :P
Never heard about the shell that can wash away the smell though.

Queer Ranter said...

Joey: Go get them while they're still around. :)

William: Awww poor thing. Then bak kut teh will kill you eh?

Quicksilverlining: Hahahha. Naughty!

Jason: Well to some it is. Huhhuuh. I love my durians.

Go try the shell thing yourself.

Leon Koh said...

makes me want to crave for durians.. the picture you put up shown a grat variety! so creamy and the texture must be good!!!

will try out putting the shell under running water..

Queer Ranter said...

LeonKoh: Oh trust me. It was extremely creamy, soft, thick and satisfying to eat. Truly amazing durian.

Leon Koh said...

pass some to me!!!

Anonymous said...

actually the same way, u also can use the "white part" to contain the water, and rinse ur mouth and wash ur finger with the water, i dunno how to explain, but it really get rid of 90-95% of the smell, so amazing!

Queer Ranter said...

LeonKoh: Hahahaha. I'd like to have more myself. :P

Anonymous: Is that so? I shall try it. Sounds like the whole shell is a bar of soap for durian smell. :P