Bells Are Ringing

I love church bells. I would love to hear them for real like standing in front of a cathedral. Instead, I live in a country that has loudspeakers echoing signalling it's time for prayers five times a day. Anyhow, back to church bells. Everything about church bells has an allure of grandure and majestic. Just imagine when all of them ring in rhythm.

They sound like this.

Now imagine those bells ringing but it's ringing in your head. Well that's how I felt after my nap this afternoon. Endless ringing, throbbing and pounding in my head. This is why I try to avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Even power naps will give me a splitting headache. Worse still, I'll feel lethargic after the naps like how I'm feeling now.

I'm gonna make myself a drink. Ribena and Raspberry Vodka.

More Ribena or more Vodka?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


aaronng88 said...

u alcoholic bitch~ =)
ahahaaaa .. of course go for ribena la! it's rich in vit C...

Alice said...

Ribenna again. Change to something else like lychee or some sort.

Anonymous said...

*loudspeakers echoing signalling it's time for prayers five times a day*
it's the religion's rights...the way u saying as if it's not right to do that...every religion have their own rights...did your beloved bells are forbidden to be ranged??i dont think so...
if u not satisfied then go to country that dont do prayers 5 times a day....or just stay offshore!!!