Drill Sergeant Turned Blonde

I have to start my post with a little character sketch of my mentor at work. She's a person who's straight to the point, do this do that and I want it done yesterday. She doesn't greet like every other people in the office does instead she says "What are you doing? Why are you idle?". Keeping to the tradition of their company, slave drive your employee for every drip of their worth. The equivalent of Emperor Shi Huang Ti building the Great Wall of China.

Well that was few months ago, things are rather different now. It's no secret that she's dating someone. In fact, it's a public knowledge and constant discussions of who this mystery guy is. Whoever he is, we are indebted to him. Work is less Spartan military like and she seems happier, less shuddery (not that I was ever intimidated by her to begin with). Rather she's become more warm and friendly. A laughter from her was like the search for immortality but these days it's a common sound.

She is highly knowledgeable in the oil and gas field and has memory like an elephant. Instant absorption and locked tight in her mind. I wish I have her capabilities. It'd make my work so much easier not having to dig up for references... Ask her anything and she can answer (though most of the time she makes us dig for the answer ourselves...). Basically, she knows her theoretical stuff inside out.

First it was the noticeable laughter from her, her friendliness and warmth. It was hard to believe at first but people change don't they? So we let it be and embrace the new her. Then an unforeseen, out of the blue thing occurred. Life sure does have it's puckish sense of humour.

She pulled a "I'm blonde" stunt.

She and my supervisor were having a lengthy discussion. At one point she got all confused and just blurted, "I'm sorry, you have to speak to me slowly. I'm blonde."

If that's not a 180 degree flip, I don't know what is.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Legolas said...

Ahh... True love's first kiss. It's the most powerful thing in the whole world. Can even change the bitchiest bitch into purring cat.

Or was that sex?

Robb said...

i think it's dick. that sounds awful like the power of the mighty dick

drownedglass said...

Hmmm. Pray hard there's no breakup then, otherwise you'd see just how sweet she really was before! :P

Alice said...

Someone finally got laid.

Nicholas Rashidee said...

yup, pray superhard that they won't break up. then she can turn into a blonde godzilla LOL

Sam said...

Cock is the only way to calm a cockacidal maniac.

AJ said...

i bet her skin complexion is more rosy and radiant than usual eh?

my skin turn that way if i get laid too...wakakaka ;P

Queer Ranter said...

Leoglas: Kekekeke. Sex or True Love's first kiss. :P

Robb: Wakakaka. Should be a porn title!

DrownedGlass: Oh we've thought about that horror thought before...

Alice: It ain't me...

NicholasRashidee: Blondzilla~~~

Sam: Wakkakaka. Cockacidal!!! :P

AJ: Oh yes it does. Mine too. Kekekeke.

Jason said...

I thought elephant's memory is bad?

lllearned said...

The cock subdued the bitch? ;)

aaronng88 said...

.... haha~


Queer Ranter said...

Jason: They have excellent memories.

LLLearned: Hahahah. Something like that. :P

AaronNg88: Hahahhaah. You ah.