Obsession With Bananas

There's many "firsts" in this blog. One of them is the unforgettable sexcapade trilogy posts that I wrote long time ago. And recently, I put up photos of me on this blog too but as I started working, I took them down. I'm in the wrong "cuntry" to be freely queer. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

This will be my first angry post. I'm a very docile and tolerant person but there are two things that will just make me snap and hell has no fury like Queer Ranter's scorn, queer men in denial starts a family while the other is the word "banana". I'll be ranting about the latter.

Banana. Such a good source of nutrient and energy (good for other uses, mainly in the DIY department) turned into an annoyance whenever I hear it. Banana is a euphemism for Chinese people who either can't speak, read, write or all of the above. How did they come up with such fabulously degrading term? Chinese are naturally born with a tinge of yellow. So like a banana, yellow on the outside and white on the inside. White refers to Western upbringing.

I always get this "banana" whenever I meet "Chinese Educated" people and honestly, it's getting into my nerves. I'm really not bothered about this "banana" crap but there's always a limit to everything.

I've gotten statements such as these:

Statement 1: Ah?! You're don't know how to read and write Chinese? Such a shame to the Chinese race.

Statement 2: Oh don't speak to me in Mandarin. Your Mandarin is appalling. I've scored 'A' for my Mandarin in STPM you know. Better stick to English.

When I first heard Statement 1, I was shocked. These people still exists?! So what if I can't read and write Mandarin? I manage to survive with my English and basic Mandarin. There's no fatal need for me to master Mandarin in my field of work either. Everything is still following American Standards and it's not going to change to Chinese Standards and only printed in Mandarin. As to shame, I wonder who is ashamed of who. She of me for my inability to read and write Mandarin or myself for being Chinese and related to insensitive and racist person like her.

Statement 2 was even more of a shocker to me purely because it came from a person I know. I am deeply disappointed in her and I hold a grudge on that incident. Hence, I've been consciously keeping a distant from her and I'll just leave it as that until I'm ready to tell her about. I am at the moment comfortable having the grudge as company. Misery loves company after all.

What is so great about being able to speak, read and write Mandarin? Why is there a need to emphasise and ostracise me for my inability to master Mandarin? What's with the I-Know-Mandarin-And-You-Don't pride? Rather childish really. Never for once did I ever pick on them for their atrocious command in English. Instead I offer my assistance.

I don't give a rat's ass if you master Mandarin or master any other language cause it's got no business with me. You know it, good for you but don't expect me to give you a golden star when you brag about it and belittle me. Like I said, I don't give a rat's ass about it.

Lemme say this ONCE. It is extremely rude to ask anyone if they're a "banana". It's like asking an orphan "do you have parents?". Does it matter if the person you meet is a "banana"?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Jason said...

Aww... *hugs*
It's okay. Many people out there think like that as well but we're what we are, there's no need for us to change to fit into the society.

I'm a banana too :)

Fable Frog said...

ngo hai hiong chiu chai ah~ and i have no problem with that~ They can say what ever they want~ and don't let it bothers you~ you're too fabulous to snap like that ;)

Takashi said...

yeah.. be all banana if you want.. why give a fuck?

they dont know how valuable a banana is..

and I certainly want you ask them if their English is as good as yours?

*Anton* said...

I usually dun wanna waste my time on these folks. They obviously have a negative agenda by rasing the topic.

Ngoh too hai hiong chiu, hou liang, hou sek ge hiong chiu.^_^


AJ said...

i hv malay frens who can't speak & write in bahasa properly because they live oversea since they were small...

and it's sad to see how the others precieved them negatively...

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Yep we're fine as who we are now. :)

FableFrog: Not worth getting wrinkles for right? Still it gets to my nerves!

Takashi: Well I'm nice and civilized. I don't do these nonsense.

Anton: Wakakakak. Cute Anton, just cute. :P

AJ: Yea I know. Pity... Sometimes I wonder if animals are more human than us. Discriminating people the soonest that they can.


Ban said...


As a matter of fact during my work as an auditor I told off an auntie for bugging me about this who was working for the client (secretary) and the next week they transferred me to another client. >.>

joshua said...

LoL well I think such banana-phobes should mind their own business and get on with their lives.

Oh, maybe they don't have actual lives. Oh well, they can go SUCK IT!

nase said...

Aye to you! I am a proud Banana as well!