What's In The Yellow Box?

Offshore is all about the bold, bright and neon colour coding for good safety reasons. It's easier for rescue choppers or planes to spot something in middle of deep blue ocean that is searing bright such as yellow. Hence why platforms are painted brightly.

Conditions offshore can be quite severe although I'll admit not as extreme like the North Sea but still winds go up to 40 nautical knots per hour (73 km/hr) or faster. Weather change pretty drastically in an instant. I barely walk straight these winds. So equipments kept solid steel boxes like these.

Hard, strong and sturdy box.

But this box is not used to keep equipments. It has a more sinister purpose, pollute the sea. Yes it pollutes the sea with biological wastes. Sure, biological is biodegradable but it's still pollution. As much as we try to prevent pollution from crude spillage, this is unavoidable. This is why.

A hole!?

This box is the offshore version of a toilet. It's just you, the wind and the deep blue sea down below. Oh and not forgetting schools of fishes happily swimming and feeding on these biological wastes. It's not mystery why they're all so huge and fresh out in the sea. They're all well fed.

Of course this is not the same facility on a living quarters platform. Proper toilet and good living condition there unlike production platforms such as these. For what it's worth to those who ate fish for dinner last night, I never take a dump in these boxes. I make sure I'm good before leaving the living quarters. 

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Takashi said...

oh wat do you know?
the fishes they sell here are huge!

lol.... probably been feeding off frankie's poop......

Medie007 said...

so i suppose u guys douche instead? :P

AJ said...


what an interesting revelation!!

luckily i dun eat fish XD

Sam said...

Luckily I don't eat fish either. ;)

But such clear blue waters. I miss the ocean!!!

Fable Frog said...

NICE~!! a toilet with a view of the deep blue sea~ but i wonder if the butt will get cold with all those strong wind!!

Queer Ranter said...

Takashi: Hahahahha. You ah! Yummy fish~~~

Medie007: O.o Gosh douche for what!?

AJ: Hahhaha. So much for healthy fish food huh? :P

Sam: I know!!! I've been tempted to just jump into the sea. Might just end up floating to Singapore shore. :P

FableFrog: Hahahhaha. It does. So windy~~~

Zyklon22 said...

I looked at the picture and my immediate thought was a glory hole. Rupa-rupanya something so boring..

nase said...

Hey you! Am still waiting for the lurid account of sexual escapades offshore, lol. Cum on, now tell...hehehe

*Anton* said...

Nice view, cooling some more. What more could to expect but total relaxation while doin serious business feeding the marine life. ^_^


savante said...

Imagine making out there. HAWT!

Nicholas Rashidee said...

now superman would have a hard time changing there lol ^^

Queer Ranter said...

Zkylon22: You mean~~~

Nase: Hahahha. No such thing I tell you. These offshore people gossip more intensely then us. I can't have my reputation tarnished!

Savante: Oh gosh you... Sex sex sex everywhere. :P

NicholasRashidee: Hahahahhaha. Now why would that be I wonder. :P

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

I can be very much mesmerised by such view, but the hole? Oh, thinking about the poop going down the hole, I wouldn't want to go fishing there! But do anyone go fishing there? I wondered.