Men At Sea

Imagine and twist however you want to but this post has no relation to the famous porn Men At Play. I'm talking about the men at sea that I'm working with and have met in ships and platforms. And there's lots of them. It's expected really considering that it's 99.9999% men.

Remember I was talking about the Pinoy marine guys awhile back? Well there was more to just flirting. I think they were trying to figure out if I was queer by asking me a series of direct (more like bull heading) questions.

Have you had sex?

How many times?

Was it a boy or a girl?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Do you not like girls?

Of course I didn't tell them the truth. Just lie my way out of it. I was shocked that they asked me those questions so directly. It had to happen when I was enjoying a beautiful sun set. Lovely orange sun setting on the horizon and clear blue sky above it.

Then the next trip offshore, I checked into another ship that was around. Loads of activities going on in my oil field hence the ships. This time it was the cafeteria dude. I give smiles to virtually everyone I see on board the ship. I think it's just plain good manners to do so. Generally they smile back but this cafeteria dude went a step further. Winks. He gave me winks whenever he sees me. Winks! Disturbed as I may felt, I kept smiling.

Maybe I'm too nice...

Just as I thought these "Men At Sea" encounters were over, the technicians, it seems have been talking about me. And what were they talking about? The new technicians were trying to figure out who am I and they came out with "The Pretty Boy" to describe me.

Me? Pretty? Hmmm... Of all things. Pretty.

Perhaps it was the facial that I had before going offshore. Yes I know, what a waste of facial but I didn't know I was heading offshore so soon... I so need to do facial when I get back to shore. My pores are all clogged! AGAIN!

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Anonymous said...

Ooo...pretty boy huh? Did they whistle when you pass by? Hehehe... Tell us more.

drownedglass said...

OMG a pretty boy set loose among hunky pinoys with pent-up desires... you're a walking time bomb!

savante said...

You are so gonna get laid.

Bervin said...

You know it isn't much of a difficulty to guess that you're gay...

Queer Ranter said...

Calvin: They kinda did... And grab my hand to stop me from walking...

Drownedglass: You're telling me. Thank goodness I'm in a living quarters platform now. :P

Savante: Hahahahha. I doubt. :P

Bervin: Kekekeke. I guess not. :P

Jason said...

You're so getting outed soon.