I've been dying to own an iPhone 3G ever since it was released on 11 July 2008. I was willing to wait for it to come to Malaysian shores no matter how long it takes. But slowly, the iFanatic in me faded away. It started with Samsung Omnia and Samsung i8510 Innov8. They're lightyears ahead of iPhone in terms of functionality but I still kept my loyalty to iPhone. One it's Samsung. I'm no fan of Samsung phones. Two it's just not as pretty as an iPhone. So they got crossed in my list.

Then today while I was in the office, daydreaming and unfocused even though I had work to do, something abruptly interrupted my train of daydreaming thoughts of going back to KL. A mirage appeared in front of me. A poster ad of a handphone. Something that starts with 'X' and ends with 'ria'. SonyEricsson Xperia! I halted my work and went to Google it.

Lo and behold, I found my very own iKiller the SonyEricsson Xperia or also known as X1.

Xperia is Xtrodinary!

It's pretty, packed full with amazing functionality, 3 inch touchscreen (the sole reason why I like the iPhone to begin with), QWERTY keyboard, GPS navigation, WIFI enabled, 3.2 mega Pixel camera and more.

Ever since I got my first SE phone, K800i, I can't go back to Nokia or even think about changing to other phones. I love the SE interface, it's intuitive and user friendly. I do hope it's the same for the Xperia.

However, the estimated price in Malaysia, a hefty RM 3000. That's like buying myself a new laptop! I really need to test drive this phone if I'm buying it. RM 3000 isn't spare change for me. The phone better be expecting my expectations for RM 3000.

So off to reading reviews I go. I have an emotional need for a new phone with touchscreen.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


AJ said...

i know that mariah carey's 18th #1 single "touch my body" really set a new record for her...

unfortunately, it's a trend-setting record to make everything touchable these days

but then again, it's the perfect marketing tool....haha!! ;P

Queer Ranter said...

AJ: Yes it is the perfect marketing tool! Victims of gadgets~~~

Zyklon22 said...

It should be Xtraordinary... Fail

Queer Ranter said...

Zyklon22: Too many syllables dear. :P