Bring Your Readers To Work Day!

Fact one. I work in the oil and gas industry. Fact two. I'm highly desirable when I'm in a company of men in the middle of the sea. Fact three. I'm just bloody gorgeous. Ok fine, fact two and fact three are just wishful thinking (though is it so bad for it to be true?).

I've been talking about my trips offshore and things happening in the middle of the sea but no photo to speak of to show all my readers. Well the other place of work besides the office. The office is boring and nothing interesting to see unlike the offshore platform.

To those who've been wondering what it looks like, this is it.

This is one of the three installations offshore. Pretty cool huh? Unfortunately, there's no scale to compare it with but it's not big neither is it small. If you can squint your eyes on one of the bridges and you'll see a white box. That white box is your normal 15 footer container. So just imagine a little how big or small it is.

On the left is what we call a drilling platform. See the bundle of pipes rising upwards to the platform? Those come from many thousands feet underneath the seabed. Then the middle module is where the pumps are to pump the crude to other facilities and shore. Then the right module houses compressors and separators.

Sure is awesome working in an installation such as this. I actually love coming offshore. Lots of things to learn, people are nice, free workout (see how much stairs I have to climb?!) and food is free (though not that good but it'll do)! There's on exception to this seemingly perfect workplace. My skin gets ravaged by the elements!

UV rays~~~ Go away~~~

I'm in such desperate need for Biotherm... Or Lab Series...

Sponsors anyone? Please?

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


AJ said...

owh pity u~

wear a lot of sunscreen my dear =)

savante said...

Ahh in six months you'll be our very own black beauty!

Fable Frog said...

Woot! that platform looks real cool!!! bet it's beautiful at night~ can see lotsa stars kan~

Ya, i guess working outdoor is really taking it's effect on our skin kan? Urgh!

ah! WV: sagging

Sam said...

How fun working off-shore!!!

drownedglass said...

Oh I'm sure Fact Two isn't as far out as you'd have us believe. Hehe.

But yeah, I can imagine the installation being small enough so you could walk everywhere yet big enough that walking everywhere becomes a major workout. If nothing else, you'll have nice legs... and butt!

nase said...

Would definitely love to experience staying off shore for a while? So any lurid sexual escapades off shore to share? lol!

Queer Ranter said...

AJ: I will once I get my hands on Biotherm. I wanna look like Takeshi Kaneshiro~~~ :P

Savante: -_-!


FableFrog: Sagging!? Gosh scary~~~ See the sacrifices I have to make to bring you guys OIL!?

Sam: Oh yes fun fun!

Drownedglass: Oh yes. Gimme Brad Pitt's ass~~~

Nase: Hahahah. No sexcapades. I'm a good professional working engineer onboard. :P

Kit said...

it's always cool to be far away from civilization. and if you can get a good workout from moving about there too, all the better. yes, do share the lurid details! haha

Nicholas Rashidee said...

Waah.. The nearest I could get to one of those platform thingy is at the KLCC Petrosains.. LOL.. Yup, it would be nice cumming offshore.. Opps.. Coming offshore.. LOL

Cedric Ang said...

i wonder, would you ever stand by the edge of the platform and relieve yourself.

work out is great, you will get great butts when you get back here. I'm gonna give it a nice firm hold when you are back, okay?