Starbuck Junkie

Never thought I'd see the day but I've turned into one of those Starbucks junkie... Yes there is one Starbucks in Miri. Make that two, one in the city and one in the airport. It has suddenly become my favourite place to be. The seat by the window is just fabulous. I can sit there for hours with my laptop surfing away and sipping a Venti Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino.

I don't so much love their drinks but I love their merchandise! I went crazy with their 10th Anniversary merchandise, 2009 Planner/Diary and a Venti sized Starbucks Tumbler. I've got the both of them too. I absolutely adore the Planner/Diary. It's so pretty. Leather bound and the paper is lovely. I can't bring myself to write on it especially with my hideous handwriting...

Signs of an addict, Starbucks Merchandise...

I spent the whole of Saturday studying and half of it was in Starbucks. Towards the afternoon, my room was too hot to be conducive for studying and I needed to pick up my Starbucks Tumbler anyways. Why not enjoy the aircon there, to be seen and people watch while studying (chatting, surfing, blogging) eh?

Disappointingly, there was only one eye candy spotted. Sad... At least he's got a real cute bubble butt! One curious thing that I saw was camo mini skirts... Two girls came into Starbucks wearing those. Thank goodness they we're trying to pull a "harujuku" look or I might just scream. I don't like "harujuku" girls... There was a boy, very good complexion and fair but unfortunately dyed his hair blond. That kinda ruined everything about him. Why do they do that to themselves?

Other than that, I managed to cover quite a lot of my study material.

Window side view.

Sitting by the window is really nice. There's something about looking passersby that's calming to me. But something unexpected happened when I was looking out at one of them. A girl in the car smiled and waved at me while I was sipping my drink. I was unsure if it was to me or to someone behind me that she was waving. I just smiled and waved back anyways.

It was a good day for me.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


nase said...

well, the local Miri-ans do have their own exquisite sense of fashion, reminds me always of our very own Sg Wang la-las!

Starbucks in Miri now? Lucky you, with tow outlets somemore. Didn't have any when I was there frm 1999-2002.

Do you go to the beach? I used to wander there (where Shell expats stayed) almost every midnight to seek my solace, just to enjoy the sound of the waves lapping the shore and the windy breeze. It was safe though, didn't come across any untoward incident or ghostly episodes. Maybe I scared them away, lol.

NotHamsap said...

I can never study in the room! those cafes are usually my target. Love doing people-watching while study. :)

anyway i reckon my handwriting is nice enough to write on your diary. will you let me? haha.

closetalk said...

:) watching the world go by while sipping coffee does make those assignments easier!

Ban said...

But i thought you like the kind of boy that dye's his hair yellow, lolz. :D

Nicholas Rashidee said...

Girl in car: Are you one of those harujuku boys?
QR: dushk~!


Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

You aren't the only one. Me too, a Starbucks junkie. Now, wouldn't we make a great team with Janv and bloggers like us?

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

hahha me too. But not all the time. Do you know that starbucks contributes a fair amount to the obesity issue in the states.

However, i do need my starbucks fix at times. Black or Red Herbal blended tea please!! Love that! And no cream on top hehe.

AJ said...


that leather planner/diary is really FABULOUS!! said...

I had a fabulous Starbucks right up the road from me, 2 minute drive. They downsized and now its no more. =o(

Queer Ranter said...

Nase: I've not been in Miri long enough despite being here for 4 months. Offshore and training and all... :(

NotHamsap: What are you going to write in there I wonder... But yes, people watching FUN!

Closetalk: Yes they do! Hhahahah.

Ban: NO I DON'T! You horrible man for saying that...

NicholasRushidee: Kakakakka. I am anything but a harujuku boy. So tak glam. :P

Manpriedo: Oh yes we do. Should go invade on Starbucks joint one day and make a scene or something. :P

Linora: Now that you've mentioned it... Eeeeeks~~~ CARBS~~~

AJ: Yes I know! Go get one. :P

AllenMcalister: Yikes. Poor thing... :(

Jason said...

That sounds more like relaxing than studying :P