Bounty Of The Sea

Day ten of me being offshore and guess what excitement happened besides bumming around since there's totally nothing to do due to some technical problems. Food! Not just any food but food straight from the sea. Delicious, free and fresh. A flogger's wet dream.

It's a freaking huge ass lobster!


I have never seen such huge lobster in my life, let alone a live one. Never knew they are this colourful. Just look at the colour. So vibrant and bright. Looks like a spider. A very delicious spider. Hehehehe.

The guys decided to boil it and eat it just like that. Nothing fancy. We don't have a top notch kitchen on the platform you see. Just plain old dip the lobster into boiling hot water and eat. And boy, it was the best lobster ever! Extremely sweet and bursting with flavour. Just divine.

I've seen many sorts of fishes around the platform and they are huge and yummy! Turtles too. They stay around the platform for food and shelter. I've yet to see dolphins. There are somewhere apparently. It's almost like I work in Aquaria with all these marine animals.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


王子様 'リオナード L said...

HEY thats my turtle youre referring!

Jason said...

Interesting. Take pictures lah!