Why Don't You Call?

I get this question quite often. Why don't you call? It's not that I deliberately avoid contact with my fellow friends, it's just how I am. I'm accustomed in being alone, doing my own things and get wrapped up in my own world. More often than not, I'm preoccupied with my day to day activities that I don't really think of anything else.

As cold as it sounds, it's not intentional. I don't knowingly ignore my friends or any of the sort. When the time comes to give my friends a buzz I'll just do it. However, it's virtually impossible for me to give everyone in my contacts a buzz. Whether I call or do not call doesn't mean anything. My friends are still my friends. Sooner or later, I'll ask my friends out or buzz them.

Plus, why does it have to be me who's doing the contacting only?

Whenever I get home, I tend to keep to myself in my room and not talk much. I enjoy the quietness and collect my thoughts. Just enjoy the serenity. Hence part of the reason why I don't call often too. However, that doesn't mean I'll mind my friends calling when I'm home. I enjoy a good conversation like everyone else. I do try and chat up with all my friends online in MSN or GTalk. It's easier since I can multitask and it's free too!

So don't be dishearten if I've not contacted you for some time. I'm not avoiding you. It's just how things are with me.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


robb.chew said...

i can so relate to u for this. :D

savante said...

Wow. Who says that?

aaronng88 said...


budaks kicks frankie~

Zyklon22 said...

"However, it's virtually impossible for me to give everyone in my contacts a buzz."

Lol. What have I been telling you? Correct leh.

And the answer to your question is. Because the other fella feels the same way.

Queer Ranter said...

RobbChew: Curse of being popular? Kakakaka. :P

Savante: I've had a few. Let's not start pointing finger now. Hehehhe.



Zyklon22: What did you been telling me?

Tell tell~~~

The best part about the other person feeling the same way and both party no contacting is I get the question, "why don't you call me?"...

nase said...

Enjoying one's solitude is by far a healthy thing to do. Though we are alone to ourselves to collect our thoughts and reflect on the day or do some soul searching, by all means it doesn't imply that we're lonely. Some of us though I reckon many of us here including myself tend to do just that. We just enjoy our own solitude of space and we love our friends too. In time, when they know us well enough, they'll understand. :-)