I Was Not Made To Study

Ever since my uni days, I noticed something. Studying makes me hungry! So hungry it's fungry (farking hungry) almost borderline I'm-going-to-die starvation. It's annoying because every half an hour or so, starvation kicks in and a growling symphony is projected from my stomach...

How am I suppose to finish 350++ worth of materials on time?!

At least I have two cartons of low fat milk I nicked off from offshore to quiet my stomach down. Though I only discovered I had those milk after munching on quarter of my favourite Julie's Peanutbutter Biscuits...

Eeeeeeeeee fats~~~ Go away~~~

I really don't know how those bookworms study from dawn to dusk. Don't they get hungry like me too? And where did they get their attention span tweaked to focus for hours on end! I can't help but look into my blog or Facebook every five seconds!


You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


drownedglass said...

Oooh... Julie's Peanutbutter Biscuits! Yum yum...

Here's a tip - those things are evil so don't eat it (the biscuit gets in the way anyway), just eat peanut butter and wash it down with (low fat) milk!

Okay, maybe that won't work :P

OMG the word verification says "hump u"

*Anton* said...

Plain J&J crackers dipped in "extra kau" kopi-o. Beats the hungry feeling, is low cal and keeps us awake at the same time. ^_^


AJ said...

yeah, studying got me hungry easily too =)

but dunno why i'm still kate moss-skinny...waaaaaa~

Jason said...

I think hungry is an excuse to skip reading :P

Queer Ranter said...

Drownedglass: Kakakkaka. Is that a hint? You know me and hints.

*wink wink

Anton: Kakkaka. Kopi 'O' will make me go hyper let alone keeping me up. :P

AJ: *pffft

Kate Moss skinny! No fair~~~

Jason: How mean~~~ I am really studying ok...

*sob sob

nase said...

yummy! peanutbutter cookies my fave too and I do chew or bite on something whenever I study, it's become a habit moreso than actual feeling of hunger.

Anonymous said...

I can't eat while studying or reading. It distracts me. I usually study or read after everyone's asleep and hence, the panda eyes will be so visible. :(

I devote a chapter or two every night before I sleep. And if I'm not working the next day, I'll read until the last page. Hahaha!!! I know, I'm crazy! I used to finish up a book I just started if I'm off the next day.