Please Clean Up After...

It is always a good idea if not good manners to clean up after whatever you were doing. Especially crucial after both party has achieved orgasm and ejaculated. Cum stains are not good to soft and fluffy comforters. You'll have spots of hard cotton and somewhat yellowish stain. There goes your many thousands of thread count sheets and comforters. Not good. But I'm sure you all know that already. So no need for me to elaborate more.

Just as crucial and important to clean up after is surfing a net on a public computer. See what I found on this computer by simply clicking CTRL+V.

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Yep, I kid you not. Imagine what else I would find if I searched through the history? Though I'll be thrilled if someone typed Fridae or I'll have the Spanish Inquisitors revived to hunt the guy down. Then again, there's not many who's my age or remotely close to my spectrum of guys... Still I would be curious to know.

Another discovery that I found was a hidden stash of porn in one of the drawers in the office here offshore and in one of the computer. Men at sea...

So whatever you do, do clean up after. It's good housekeeping practice.

You know you love me.
Queer Ranter


Sam said...

You'd be surprised, but isn't it fun if you found that someone has actually been reading your blog - ON THE RIG ITSELF.

drownedglass said...

OMG, Sam... yeah what if that happened?

Boys will be boys lah. If they're already grabbing each other's crotches, it's pretty likely the porn stash is common property. I wouldn't be raising any eyebrows unless that drawer is filled with gay porn ;)

Alex said...

I couldn't agree more.

Darren said...

Be careful seems like there's a horny old man on the loose. Hehe