Three Intrepid Explorers

Arrrg. Another day with blogger's block... That and the fact that not much things are happening here. Just stayed home and getting fairer. My friends, Cal & Mar, told me this really funny joke the other day. Thought I should share it with yall. Enjoy. :P

So these three explorers get lost in a deep jungle somewhere in Africa, and they get kidnapped by this African tribe. The three of them are brought forth to the tribe's chieftan, who asks them in a loud booming Swahili voice, "We do not take kindly to foreigners treading on our holy ground. There are only two punishments fit for such a heinous act."

The explorers gulp.

"There is Death.... or Sumba."

And so the chieftan turns to the first explorer and says, "Make your choice."

Quite obviously, the poor sod doesn't wanna die, so he blurts out, "S-s-s-sumba! Please!"

"Very well. Sumba, it is."

So 15 of the meanest looking tribesman start beating the poor sot towards an inch of his life. They advance in and proceed to kick, beat and rape him until almost every bone in his body is liquified. He's alive though. Barely.

Once that's good and done, the chieftan turns towards the 2nd explorer and asks the same question.

The guy has no choice, he really doesn't wanna die. So he grits his teeth and chooses Sumba.

Same thing happens again, and they get really enthusiastic about it, at that. At the ordeal the man can't walk and he can barely speak, but he's still alive.

So the chieftan turns to the third guy and asks, "Death? Or Sumba?"

Now, taking into account that the third guy's nerves are shot after seeing what they did to his friends, he says, "Fuck it. Death."

The chieftan throws his arms back and booms,
"Very Well! Death! Sumba."
-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

Hee. Should have seen that one coming.

I think everyone's been infected by writer's block. :p