I finally had my well deserved rest from the sleep deprived state that I was in yesterday. I slept at nine and woke up twice today, seven and ten. I think I had about 10 hours of sleep. Its been ages since I slept that long.

Had mee curry for branch that mom bought from morning market. Yummy. And I had chicken soup with pork sui kau for my tea since I skipped lunch and dinner. So yes, I basically stayed home spent most of the time online and reading my book. Today is also my first time watching tv in so long. I was watching MythBuster and they were dispelling myths about vodka and also the myth about shooting a bullet straight up, 90 degrees, could kill a person.

I also did my facial treatment, mud mask. Oh I love mud mask. Since I can't go to spas for it, I'll just have to settle with DIY mud mask.

I just realised something. Every time after, I will not immediately dry myself. Instead, I'll sit in front of the computer and surf the net until I feel my body is sufficiently dried then I'll dry my hair and the rest of my body. I dunno why but I like to stay wet for awhile. I remember the times when McDave were here, he would shoo me out of the chair and dry me himself. Heheh. I'm such a big baby. :P

Now I'm off to Calvin's (super old schoolmate. long time ago at first sight, I hated him. now we're pals.) place to play Risk 2210 A.D. Great game to play with 4-5 people.

Till the next post.

-Live Long & Prosper


Apollo_David said...

Really a Big BABY... Don't know how to dry up urself... hehehe... :)

cleo weiland said...

Ooh mud mask! I just bought this honey mask from pretty well. Smells yummy too!

Risk 2210 eh? My man's stuck on Oblivion and Company of Heroes. Have fun nway!

PS: Won't be blogging till sem starts again, can't wait to see ya! Take care~