Food, Boy, GString

I dunno about you but I think Shrek Meal from McDonalds is a little scary... Its so green and green... The green is like a ectoplasm byproduct of Slimer from Ghostbusters. I ain't touching that thing with a ten feet, pink feathered covered in glitters pole. I do hope that JL and Leggie don't turn green by the end of the day.

I only got random things to talk about. I saw a perfectly adorable guy in Isetan KLCC today. He's just too, I don't know how to say it but he's just so adorable. Like the most adorable thing ever. Hahah. I can't make any sense but I guess you'll have to see it. So twink-ish, so adorable. You guys can find him in the kid's floor playing PlayDough. Making little cute cute figures. He's got talent I must say. I was too chicken to take a picture of him. I passed him twice just to get mental picture of him. I love my boys. :P

Actually I spotted him right after I rewarded myself with a pair of Renoma Senso GString. I was so tempted to get three pairs one Senso and two Mesh but I controlled myself. As William put it, "butt-floss"... Such statement hardly does a GString justice. GString for men is the best thing fashion industry has come up with after the pouch that is. Nothing can rival the ingenuity and sexiness of a pouch.

-Live Long& Prosper


EarlGreyTea said...

la la la packing packing my closet...

Pouch.... checked
Tali G... checked



savante said...

Why go order that shrek thing .... bleh.

And hey why you go after little kiddies playing dough? :O

BTW G strings ride up your butt.

Kyle said...

omg you... you... pedophile!!!!

Queer Ranter said...

Earl: That's all I need really. :P

Savante: Ask Leggie and JL why... He's a full grown boy ok... And I love GStrings.

Kyle: He's a full grown boy~~~

William said...

Maybe the twink is a paedophile. :P

Kim Gary Beyond cute or cute cute?