Loitering Aimlessly

When out again today with my ex but this time in KLCC. I didn't want to go out today actually but I just want to go out and think if I would like to get my left ear pierced. I've been thinking about it since Thursday actually when la faghag and I were in KLCC. According to her, getting contacts opened a whole new realm of changing my image. Hhehe.

I tried on my first aviators in Philosophy just to see how I would look like and then the next thing I know, she told me to get my ear pierced. The only thing stopping me from getting the piercing is the work environment I'm in at the moment. Engineering firm isn't exactly a place for self expression is it? So I decided to get it done after my intern and possibly do it on my right ear? I'll have to think about it.

I did buy a book in Kinokuniya when I was in KLCC. I got this book that McDave has been reading. Its something about being gay, I don't quite remember the description of it. But its for my mom to read. I just gave it to her but not sure what her expression was. Perhaps she's still in denial? I dunno. Its up to her to let reality sink in cause I ain't changing for no one.

This is the book I got but I have no idea what the title is.

My ex on the other hand, was craving for bags. I call it The La Faghag Virus. Her craving has infected my ex. Hahahah. So we went looking around for stuff and a bag in Zara caught our attention. I don't know how to describe it but its chic and professional looking sort of bag. Its so cheap too, just RM250 for a medium sized, but fairly large, bag compared to other bags like from Calvin Klein which the prize ranges from RM700++. That's just ridiculously.

Oh I finally finished The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time. I absolutely adore the book. What a great read. Next I think I'll read Blink or A Short History of Nearly Everything. I think I shall sleep on it and choose tomorrow morning. Nothing like a good read while waiting for the LRT and on the way to office.

-Live Long & Prosper