My Idol

Guess who's my idol. Come come give it a go.

He's popular.

He's so good looking.

He's super fit and sculpted.

He's like *droooooool.

He's none other than WANG LEE HOM. *scream scream *giggle giggle

Heheh. I've been taking pictures of his advertisement for Celcom and he just looks so delicious and handsome. Awwww. Wang Lee Hom~~~ I've gotten four so far. There's one in KL Central that I've yet take.

This is taken in KLCC.

This is in Kepong.

This is on the way to Ikano.

This is in Wangsa Maju.

I dunno why... Maybe its because he's American Born Chinese and everything about him is just lovely. Heheheh.

Well I just adore him. Its like a super duper fat chance that I'll get to know him in person. I wonder if he's gay. Hmmmm.

-Live Long & Prosper


William said...

I hate his accent!!! But no refuting that he is a cutie...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm also a big fan of LeeHom too. Did you buy his DVD concert in Taipei? He's not only cute and handsome but very talented in so many musical instruments. Jealous-nya!!!

conan_cat said...

leehom!! i lurve leehom oso!! :D rumors say that he's gay lor... read it before somewhere but erm... dilemma situation. let's just hope that he's bi can liao... XD

even if he's gay oso won't come for us unknown ppl lar... haha

Prince of Darkness said...

Tot you are crazy about him o sth :P
Well at least here there is not much of his face :)