Two Words: Male Chauvinists

It all started last week when parliamentarians were debating on a bill. Then the rain came and the roof started leaking in the Parliament. (They can't even maintain the roof of the Parliament?! OMG the country is doomed.) Then a female MP of Batu Gajah from the opposition party said that a lot of financial resources was used to maintain the Parliament and yet its still leaking. Then two MPs from the ruling party uttered:

Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga.
(Where is the leak? Batu Gajah MP also leaks every month.)

-taken from The Sun

I was in shocked when I first read the article from The Sun but what shocked me even more was the reply of our dear Deputy Prime Minister when he was questioned about the remark made by the two MPs. He said:

I don't want to pass judgment about what they said. They said it in a very... It was not supposed to be taken seriously, I think if you take it with a sense of humour, then... But of course people are making a big meal out of this issue.

-taken from The Sun

I was like in awe. I couldn't believe he said that. Take it with a sense of HUMOUR?! Are you freaking kidding me. This is as bad as the Health Minister of Japan calling woman a breeding machine and this is all you have to say? Absolute shame and ignorance. Sigh.

A week later and there's no apologies from the two MPs nor was there any action taken by the Parliament regarding this matter. I do hope our dear Deputy Prime Minister will do something to redeem himself from such ludicrous statement by at the least sacking the two MPs for crimes of discrimination and sexism against women.

God or someone save this land.

-Live Long & Prosper


Jannah said...

This is so not right yo.

Someone should come out with this liner, just out of spite,

"You bocor tiap-tiap malam even when the wife out of town."

Though then us girls are no better than them chauvinist p1gs innit?

Defiant85 said...

Hahhaha. Good one. Well what to do...

quicksilverlining said...

surprised at this, are we? it's not the first time. we also have a kerismuddin and a whole other bunch of freakish sideshow idiots running our country.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah! That's how they get famous mah. By saying something that will shock the whole nation and every major paper will have his name on it. Free publicity mah. Hehehe!!!

And look what happened to that mansion house that they said it's illegal cos no approval from the government before it was built but now the case has disappeared.

William said...

There is no right or wrong in politics. You will see that the PM is forever the good guy (good news), the DPM is always the bad guy (bad news). It is more important to keep the party ranks than the truth of the matter. And if those people at Seri Gading, Kinabatangan or Jasin want to keep on electing those people, then good for them lo. :P

Walter said...

Why does this not surprise me one bit?

Defiant85 said...

Oh I know, tell them what Jannah said and also say take it with a sense of humour.

Quick: It be nice if all the Parliamentarians gather one day and boom goes the Parliament. Fresh people in the Parliament. (take that with a sense of humour too)

Calvin: Yep yep. Fame. Idiotic fame.

William: Bah. Weakness in Democracy. People don't know what they want to begin with.

Walter: Hehhe. You know how this country run. So just another day really.

AJ said...

I'm just waiting for the day they start hurling food at each other, like chimps in cages, or taiwanese politicians...