Outing In IKEA

There's so many things to blog about today so I'm going to break it into a few parts. I'll start with this morning. I got up at about nine today, not because of my alarm but some nasty bugs brooding in my nasal cavity and it kinda got flooded with puss. Its disgusting when I flush it out of my nose... Its the freaking season for nasty bugs to spread.

When I got back from the toilet, I found that Moo Moo, Sharkie and Pink Lion were on the floor. Kinda weird cause they don't really like sleeping on the floor. Maybe it was hot in bed. Oh well, then I looked on my bed and I saw rat rat in a rather funny position. He was actually kinda standing. So cute. :)

Naughty Rat Rat.

Then it was of to The Curve with McDave to celebrate JL's 17th birthday but we were super early. An hour early to be precise. I think McDave lives in a +9 timezone instead of our +8 timezone. Hehehhe.

So we went to IKEA to kill time. I had a fun time there especially the kid's section. Heheheh. I saw some stuff I really like and I think I should start thinking about how to redecorate my room. I saw these lights that I just absolutely adore.

Beautiful lights. Romantic setting for my room.

I was thinking about repainting my room walls from the current mismatch white and peach to nice light purple. Hmmmm.

We kinda just zoomed through IKEA since McDave wanted the unlimited refill coffee from the cafe but I made him spent more time looking at stuffed toys in the kids section.

Is this the next sequel to Anaconda?

Spot the Rat Rat.

Here Be Mean Dragon.

Coffee with milk and cinnamon power.

McDave drank like three cups of coffee. First was cappuccino, then espresso and coffee with milk. Siao ah?

-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

Yes. Here be mean dragon.

Kyle said...

Nasty bugs brooding in your nasal cavity?!?!? EWWWWWW!!!!!!

Defiant85 said...

Savante: Hehhehe. *fire breath

Kyle: I knew you were going to say that you fag doc. :P