I Found My Rum

I got an unexpected call just now while having my dinner. I looked at my phone and it was a 04 number. I have no idea where area code 04 was. 03 is KL... 06 is Melaka... Where the heck is 04 from? I hardly call landlines you see and the only person I know who lived there and I used to call have moved.

Then I called back and beyond my wildest dream, it was Nuffnang. Then it dawned on me.



I WON~~~

I never won stuff from competitions before.


But the surprise don't just stop there, she said I can have two tickets and I'll just have to email the name for the second person. How awesome is that? Though the second ticket has been taken by McDave.

Oh I'm so excited.

Lookie lookie, its Jack Sparrow.

I wonder who else got the ticket. Hope there'll be a little queer group going on. Would be funny if half of them are queers. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


Milo's Evil Twin said...

Loving the look of your blog!!! Is that you with the cigarette? Fabulous! Pleased to hear about your win, although I was unable to figure out what the tickets were for!

conan_cat said...

lol!! gratz that u won da tickets!! well i didn't take part cuz i'm going to go watch with my bf later so... hehe :P

enjoy da movie k!! it's gonna be a great movie!

William said...

Tell me online, then tell me via sms, then tell me given to Dave... *sobzzz* :P

Anyway, congrats!

Sam said...

LOL! Paul got the tickets too. So that means you guys are going! How cool! :P

Ban said...

I want!!!...oh, wait. I dun wan. :P

Defiant85 said...

Milo - Hahah. I wish. No I don't wish, I'm way too fabulous to be compared to him. :P

Conan - Thanks. Hope you and your bf is actually watching the movie. *evil grin

Will - La sorry lo... Too happy de ma so share it with you ma...

Sam - Wicked. That makes 4 queers I think.

Ban - Make up your mind la you. *roar at bunny

cleo weiland said...


That's the last day of my finals! As you guys enjoy the movie, I'll only be on my way to KL then. My last paper ends at 12pm that day.


Have fun dear~