Bak Kut Teh

Finally, I got to fulfill my craving for bak kut teh. It was really nice and the meat, oh the meat was so tender and juicy with all the porky and herbs flavour. Its unlike any other bak kut teh I've had. I think its the herbs that they use that made it really delicious. Not to forget tonnes of Ajinomoto that they dump into the soup but that's ok. Though my throat was a little funny after that.

The owner of the restaurant, I'm assuming she's the owner, was really friendly. My mom had been here once before so she kinda knows my mom or something. She was kind enough to teach me how to make tea. She took me to this water heater that was lodged into the wall and gave me the instructions to make tea. She said that the first batch of hot water must be poured out, like washing the tea leaves and stuff like that. I didn't know that. Hehehhe.

The packet of tea that they serve.

I love how Chinese restaurants operate. They literally shout instructions at each other and it quite a spectacle. And if you think shouting across the restaurant is something, this restaurant has wireless microphones, so its even louder and its quite funny if you listen to them.

I took a few photos so you guys can see them. I'm afraid Kyle Frozhart might go nuts with the pictures of bak kut teh though. :P

This is the outside part of the restaurant.

This is the first half of the restaurant itself.

Just look at that. Yummy.

This is the dude that makes the bak kut teh.

Look at the amount of pork they put in that pot.

So after the bak kut teh feast, my mom's friend decided we should visit FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) since its just round the corner. I just tagged along since I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day anyways. Most of the time we spent in there was just driving around aimlessly. They didn't even provide use with a map of the place after paying the fee at the entrance...

Then we saw Canopy Walk and decided we should at least go see what's it like. So we walked and walked and walked. Then my mom's friend asked a passerby, (who was all dressed in sports attire looking strangely at my mom and her cause they were wearing casual cloths and heel shoes) where the canopy walk and the person said its like half an hour walk up hill through the jungle walk... We kinda gave up after 15 minutes of walking.

I took some nice pictures there too so it wasn't so much of a waste for all that walking.

The jungle track that we were on.

Canopy-ish shot.

Jiminy Cricket?

Sure are a lot of Jiminy Cricket around.

-Live Long & Prosper


pluboy @ takashi said...

lets cook frankie one day!

conan_cat said...

hehe bak kut teh!!! my favorite!! my another favorite at BKT shops is the vinegar pig leg... darn sour and nice!! i lurve that also!! :D which shop u go ah???

Queer Ranter said...

Pluboy: *tsk tsk tsk First you wanna strip me, now you wanna cook me...

Conan: Hhahah. The place is in Kepong. Ooo vinegar pig leg. Sounds yummy. :P

Kyle said...

*cough cough* I didn't go crazy... Just slightly nuts.

Dude, you speak like you've never been to a BKT restaurant before.... Come over to Klang lah hehe...

Alex said...

I love Bak Kut Teh!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yummy!!!!!! Drooling now...