Shopping Spree

La faghag and I went to KLCC during lunch yesterday, since we had two hours lunch every Friday, to buy the hoodie that I've been wanting since I laid my eyes on it on Thursday. I absolutely love it. Here is a pic of the hoodie.

Ain't it fabulous?

And it cost RM90 only. Now I'm gonna hunt for a hoodie that is red just like my little Red Riding Hood Bachelor. :P

Speaking of clothes, we were also in Zara and I saw this amazingly cute pink stripe shirt. The pink is so adorable and sweet. I want but it costs like RM100. *pukes blood I can't afford to pay that much of money just for a shirt like that... Oh sugar daddy, where art thou?

And today, I went out with my ex and meet McDave as well. I was in Bangsar to meet my ex in Nirvana for lunch but I dropped by McDave's place for awhile to see how he was doing and also to collect some stuff from him. One of them was a book that for my mom to read. Its something about homosexual and stuff in Chinese. Things between us are good and I'm glad for that.

I had banana leaf rice for lunch and it was really nice. The cute waiter was there as well and I just love looking at him. So cute. Then after lunch, we went window shopping in Bangsar Village II. Lots of really nice looking things but all of which I can't afford. *sob sob After that, we just chilled in Starbucks. He was doing his work and I was reading The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time. Its an amazing book and I don't get why Sam said it was boring. Several times I felt touch by the book.

While I was there, I met Leggie and Ru. They were just wondering around the place I guess. Stupid bugger Leggie was like, "Who are you? I don't know you.". Cis. Meanie. :P

Towards the evening, I went out with my senior from campus in Sungai Wang. I couldn't resist myself from doing a little shopping. I went into BodyShop and was testing out their selections of fragrance oil for the aroma burner that I got. I narrowed my selections to two, Tropical Forest and Sandalwood but only bought Sandalwood. I love it so much and its so nice to just chill in my room with the burner burning the oil while reading my book.

Love this fragrant.

We were planning to watch Spiderman III and I did try to book tickets but they were all fully booked. So we resorted to wait till they release the uncollected booked tickets which was 45 minutes before the show start. True enough, there were tickets available and we had relatively nice seats. I quite enjoyed the movie but like what my senior said, the trailers before the movie made me more excited for the upcoming movies than Spiderman III itself. Hehhe.

I wonder if I won a ticket for Pirate's Of The Carribean III. Hmmm...

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

oh so did u saw me in bangsar that day? i was in bangsar too on saturday afternoon eh heheh!

Sam said...

Sam says it's like reading a book where the kid is writing it - and finds the world so obsessively interesting, when it is so obviously NOT. :P