Monday Blue

I couldn't get a decent sleep last night. It was freaking hot. I woke up like twice, once at two and another at five. Dem weather is going bonkers or is it just global warming knocking on my doors?

Due to the lack of peaceful sleep, I couldn't function well at work. I wasn't productive as my usual self and I was struggling to stay awake most of the time. I hate it when I don't get my sleep.

And I didn't have my pink shirt to wear today. Mom hadn't iron it I guess. So I wore my blue check shirt. I guess its true when they say, "Its the cloths that makes the man.". Hence feeling all blue-ish and the fact that I didn't sleep well.

Well enough about work, I'm dem tired now as I write this post too. I can barely think and each word I type threaten my body to collapse onto the bed into deep slumber like how Han Solo was in Star Wars where he was frozen solid in carbonite.

Went for outing in KLCC again for the second time in a row and ate in Kim Gary's again. Hehehhe. Got to see my fav cute waiter again. He's just so adorable I can't help myself but to just stare at him whenever I can but today I lessen the staring since I have McDave accompanying me. But OMG, the waiter is so cute. He's got this cute smile and I just love his skin complexion. He's fair and the black uniform they wear just makes them oh so yummy. And did I mention he's so cute?

Back to the outing. McDave and I were in KLCC after my work and just generally enjoy each other's company. We sat in Kim Gary's most of the time we were there. Had quite a bit to catch up since we last met which was the birthday party he threw me.

Then we went pressie shopping for a certain someone's birthday. Oh I can feel my wallet thinning. Hehehe. Kidding. For friends, its worth it. Then we just walk around KLCC. I did a little survey on the cakes that I wanna get for Mother's Day. Something to celebrate with and all. I think my mom would like it if we celebrate Mother's Day. Its time for a little party going on for her from he new found fag son.

After that, we went back to our separate homes. He was nice enough to send me to my station. I do miss those days but its ok. Its the past.

Now I need to crash. Seriously. My head is beeping, "Warning, energy reserves depleted. Imminent shutdown in progress.".

Good night.

-Live Long & Prosper