State Of Urgency

I am way to tired to blog about what happened the whole day today. So I shall leave that task to McDave to blog about it. I'm sure he's got tonnes to say and you guys don't have to read it twice from us.

Happy Birthday to Sotongzai~~~

So what's this state of urgency you may wonder. As McDave and I were heading back to my home, I saw something really disturbing and to a certain degree disgusting. Its beyond ewww its just ewww ewww, burn in hell fashion disaster.

What is this fashion disaster? Its boyfriends holding their girlfriend's handbags... Its like ewww. So de ugly... It obviously doesn't match with what he's wearing and its just so wrong... Straight people condemn gays for being fashionable and yet they do WHAT?! Its just so wrong... Its beyond gay, its just damnation of the fashion world.

And girlfriends, what the heck were you thinking of handing your bag to your boyfriends to carry? You spent hours and hours to get a bag that matches you and what do you do? You give it to your boyfriends which in no way can match your handbags...

I remember my colleague told me of a story:

My colleague was in The Curve and she spotted a guy carrying the same handbag as her. She approached him.

Colleague: OMG~~~ You got the same handbag as me!
Boyfriend: *blink blink
Girlfriend: *blink blink
C: Did you get it from the sale at (some place that I don't remember the name)?
B: *blink blink
G: Uh that's my bag...
C: Really?! But he's holding it... *walks away with evil grin

Heheheh. I was so going to do that just now to the couple that I saw just now.

This maybe a futile attempt to reach the straight guys seeing as most of my readers are fags or faghags or just well confused but its ok. I shall do my part.

Please straight guys... Don't ever put that handbag anywhere near you. Its just wrong.

-Live Long & Prosper


conan_cat said...

lol... maybe they just wanna show how caring they are towards their gf :P

savante said...

Cheh. I thought gaduh.

William said...

Yes, it's stupid. Showing their feminine side.

Try yelling, "Snatch Thief!!". :P

Queer Ranter said...

Conan: Show caring can be shown through swiping the credit card and carry the shopping bags for her. :P

Savante: What fight you want...

William: Hmmmm I should try that. Heheheh. Make them squeal.

Kai Ting said...

OOOO~~~ yeah lor~ i hate it when guys hold their gf's handbag~ so ugly~ as if the handbags are so huge and heavy that the gal cannot carry it on her own~ I always scream when my ex wanted to hold my bag for me~

Walter said...

I put up with it for no longer than about 1 minute before I insist she takes it back.