TGIF Celebration


k I know its a bit late for that but I did say in my previous post that the post will be divided into a few posts. I think this is the final post.

We had the celebration in TGIF, the best place to eat and have gaytherings with delicious food and drinks. I love TGIF so much. Initially I wanted to have the burger but I decided not to have it since McDave was having the set meal and decided to share with him. I did however get my The Ultimate Mudslide. I love my Mudslide. Its creamy, chocolaty, yummy and it has alcohol. Heheheh.

And I like it that it has chocolate chips on top that will eventually sink on to the bottom of the glass. Then I'll have to take the straw to poke poke for it. Hehehe. Something to play with in my drink is always nice.

The Ultimate Mudslide.

McDave and I shared a plate of Buffalo Wings, Caesar's Salad and a slice of cheese cake. Even though we were sharing it, I couldn't finish the slice of cheese cake. I can't the whole set by myself. Its just too much. I gotta have the burger next time round. I just love it. The salty cheese that they put and the meat is just so juicy. Dem I'm hungry again...

We sat there chit chatting, bitching and generally causing a racket in TGIF for about four hours. Somewhere in the midst of the racket, Sam decided to unleash his culinary skills, imagine The King of Chef Competition. He took whatever that was remaining for the Moist Chocolate cake (for the record, its so dry that if you fling it, it can cause serious head trauma) and mash it to bits. Then added some seasoning of salt and pepper and among other things he could get his hands on. Not to mention the remaining cheese cake and some ice. A few minutes of battering the dough and there you have it, batter of dung.

Something that looks potentially hazardous.

Now take some of the batter of dung and put it onto a serving dish. Add some pepper and drops of tobasco sauce as garnish. Chuck a candle on it and you have candle on a dung. Perfect for this sort of occasion.

Biochemical weapon in disguise?

Poor JL, the birthday boy had to taste it. I wonder if he had the same effect eating the dung as Peter Parker when he got bitten by the radioactive spider... Hmmm...

Oh not forgetting that he had to stand on the chair when TGIF staff came to our table to sing him his happy birthday saw. Everyone wanted him to start stripping but unfortunately, its a family restaurant. Deng it. I was thinking he strips then lay on the table. Then I'll pour my The Ultimate Mudslide and tadaa, The Ultimate Ultimate Mudslide served. Hehehhe.

Oh well. We had tonnes of fun anyways.

Alex, I do want the pictures you took with your cameras, especially the ones with me, me and me in it. I looked absolutely fabulous. :P

-Live Long & Prosper


leesh said...

Guess who has decided to join the glamorous world of blogging :D
No way am i missing out the chance of winning tix and earning a quick buck~! heheheh*
Well, let's see how long I can keep up with it. I give it a month..2 months, tops! LOL.

P/S Happy Belated Birthday to JL! You did wish him for me yea? ;)

Walter said...

So was it a dung-slide cake?

Defiant85 said...

Leesh: Welcome to the blogsphere dear. :)

Walter: Ewwwww. :P

Apollo_David said...

You so high after drank The Ultimate Mudslide.... hehehe....

Next time i wanna eat the brownie i miss so much... yummy....