Have You Popped Your Cherry Yet?

Finally I've met the famous hairstylist from Jean Yip, Cherry, that some bloggers have been raving about. First time I heard the name Cherry, I envisioned a 30 years old daddy in leather boots, leather hot pants, leather top and a choker around his neck with bling-bling words that spell Cherry, ala Hard Gay.

Suffice to say, I wasn't expecting much. Didn't expect anything at all. I needed a haircut so I bugged Alex to bring me to Jean Yip. I have this thing about going to a new salon alone. I feel like a virgin that just sold her mizuage and going to bed a man for the first time.

Putting the fears aside, I sat down and suddenly excited to see who this Cherry person could be. There were a number of good looking hairstylists zooming around attending to their customers. Good looking in my case is twinks, just a reminder.

Then he came and stood behind me. My jaws literally just dropped and I was dumbfounded. He was the most beautiful twink I've seen in my life. Physically, he doesn't look past 20 but he's 24. He has the most adorable face ever. Just very adorable. He rivals even my Ultimate Twink and Cutie Pie.

Normally its a turn-off for me to see a guy using pink lipgloss but he looked even more adorable with the lipgloss. It makes his lips so yummy-licious and it goes well with the rest of his facial features. He is really a pretty boy. Prettiest boy I've ever seen and have him do my hair!

He speaks really good Mandarin too and I love his accent. Not your typical Malaysian Mandarin. Though his English is a little off. It just didn't sound right but I didn't mind it. The manner in which he speaks just captivated me even more. Every curls of his lips and every smiles that he makes are so adorable.

I'm going back to him to get my hair done from now on. He popped my cherries and I want more popping!

Cherry oh Cherry. Another case of Pretty Genes. Genes that I don't possessed.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

You've got Fabulous Genes k? And you're blessed to be around beautiful people (yes you are one too).

Sigh we couldn't recognize Cherry! Yes yes shy rugi :P

Jason said...

Is that the place Alex got his hair dyed? Mana mana??

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Awww you. So sweet.
Next time demand for Cherry. You'll be delighted when he comes to serve you. :P

Jason: Jean Yip, The Curve. Go go. Heheh.

William said...

SHall I cheat on my stylist? Hmmm... XD

Queer Ranter said...

William: For Cherry, its worth the cheating. :P

coolgardy said...

What was the damage like? But if for an eye candy to do my hair, bring it on, I'll say...hehe

Queer Ranter said...

Coolgardy: The haircut was brilliant actually. Huhuhu. He's good looking and talented too. :P