Fresh Start

No one likes a sluggish computer, especially me. I get really irritated waiting for a simple task like turning on the computer to complete. Everything must process in a click of the mouse. Even when I'm walking, I get irritated when people in front of me walk at a glacial pace or people behind me also walking at a glacial pace (I feel so Singaporean).

It took me about five hours from formatting the computer to getting it online on the net. All the instalations take forever to finish. Not to mention the countless restarts... And I had to be extra careful during formatting. Harddrive was being a bitch and I didn't want my 60 GB of twinkie porn to just vanish. Yes, my porns are my precious.

A new year demands a new look for my desktop. Hence, I changed my previous black minimalist look to a clean white look. Explains the snow landscape photo as my wallpaper. Took me a long time to get a high definition photo since I max my screen resolution.

My lovely white desktop.

Now that everything is running smoothly and warp speed like, I am happy.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

only 60 Gb? I've got more. LOL

Jason said...

Cantiknya wallpaper baru.