Let's Do The Patapon!

There's a PSP game that I'm really excited to play. Its as adorable as Loco Roco, if not more amusing or more addictive to Lumines II. Patapon! Even the sound of it is catchy kinda like Britney Spears Gimme More. But yea, the game looks promising.

Basically you lead an army of Patapons into battle. Issuing command to attack or defend through combo buttons of square, circle, triangle and X. Each buttons produce a different sound, like making a battlecry with drums.

I love the graphic for this game. Its 2D, brightly coloured and the tiny soldiers are just so adorable! I think the gameplay is really unique. A combination of a platform game and the Para Para. I can Pata-pata-pata-pon all day!

Click here for Patapon preview.

I can't wait till it the English version comes out. Should be super fun and comical to play.

-Live Long & Prosper


Sam said...

Where did the Para Para come from!?

Magus Young said...

Hello, been a while since i pop by ye pinky bloggiie..so PSP...god I feel so the tua with all these new gadgets and all:P

Queer Ranter said...

Sam: Thumb Para Para of course. :P

Magus: Hi ho. Tu la. Dunno one moment your blog vanish where and now you're back. :)

You're not old la aiyo. So go get one. :P