All of us have our vices. I in particular have many of them or maybe just one big one. SEX! Find myself craving for them constantly. Ask Sam. Poor guy is probably scarred by now. Pity I'm not his type or else I might just do him there and then in the office. Everyday!

Since I can't satisfy my hunger for sex, I channel those frustrated energy to my PSP! I am now addicted to Lumines II!

Super fun game and I reckon that its the best puzzle game ever since tetris. So simple yet so fun. The soundtracks that come with this game are amazing. Really love the music.

Another game that I really like and I think its super cute is Loco Roco. One of the best games for the PSP for 2006. I love it especially the soundtracks too. Super cute songs.

-Live Long & Prosper


David the Man said...

You ar... so geli lah... somemore want to go and do someone (Sam) in the office everyday!!! Iiiyyeerrr... Don't you feel disgusting? Go and play your PSP la... Think about playing games la. As for me, instead of thinking about sex all the time, I play Java games on my mobile phones. I am planning to buy PSP next year... hehehe... coz oledi got bonus... that's my sinful desire...

savante said...

We should have ended up together. I'm always so horny as well. We could hump and fuck... like three times a day? Maybe more? Pls?

Fable Frog said...

hmmm~ we should memorize the locoroco song and sing it while we hump each other~ that'll be more fun than PSP, no?

Jason said...

Waaa... sex and PSP ada relation pulak now!

Queer Ranter said...

David: Anal sex is geli meh... Fun and pleasureable what.

Savante: I've been hinting for years now but I got no responses from you.

*sob sob

Fable: Oh my. Such kinky ideas!

Shall we give it a go some time? :P

Jason: Hahahah. Sex can be related to everything dear.