Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yey~~~ Another meme to blog! Dunno why but I just love doing memes. Today's meme is brought to you by Janvier, who tagged me eons ago. Might as well get on it before this post dusts in my draft folder.

So happy thoughts meme.

The most memorable happy thought I can recall is giving McDave a surprise visit back when he was working in Shah Alam which I blogged about last year in this post. I can still remember his facial expression when I told him I was in front of his shop with Kim Gary's French Toast.

Can't believe its been 16 months plus already since we started this relationship. Lovely times.

Another happy thought is getting my very own personal computer. It was when I was 15 and my dad agreed on getting me a computer. I couldn't sleep the night before the computer was due to arrive. So I stayed up and watched tv until I fell asleep.

None of us were computer savvy so the first computer I had sucked big time. It was overpriced for a mediocre system. I know better now and plus I have computer savvy friends to do the buying for me if I need to get something.

For once, I shall spare bloggers from being memed by this meme.

See I'm kind after all. Heheheh.

-Live Long & Prosper


SOLOACT said...

welcum back!it's been awhile.and u r..err, kicking afterall? :p

-C said...

Trust me, whatever he's been doing, it's not kicking.

Queer Ranter said...

Soloact: Hehehe. Yes I'm back and kicking. Heheh.

C: *smack

Aryaduta said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! It's good to see that you're still alive. How about we celebrate your homecoming in our own special way? ;-)

David the Man said...

Gonna buy you loads of gadgets (mobiles, notebooks, mp3 players etc.) and stuffs, like IKEA chairs and tables, you name it and they are all yours to have! Only with strings attached... that is... Hehehe...

Jason said...

Another sort of happy meme? Oh, you haven't do that, I see. :P

How come there's only 2???

Queer Ranter said...

Aryaduta: Yey I'm back. :) What sort of celebration are you thinking of eh?

David: Wah... Strings attached?! What happened to random acts of kindness?

Jason: Hehehe. *shrugs No idea how this meme works myself.