Rain Nudle House

Am no longer a Pavilion virgin. Woot woot~~~ Went there with Jason and Janvier the other day and wow, I love the interior design. Really chic, really modern and posh.

But of course, I can't freaking afford anything that they sell there. So no biggie for me until I start earning big bucks or some sugar daddy who is willing to sponsor me. All the glamorous names, high fashion and closed doors.


Since the only thing I can afford there is food, I shall blog about the food we had there in Rain Nudle House. Long story short, we went to the wrong place for food. Slender Faghag was raving about some place that Asam Laksa but I guess we couldn't find it.

I am not thrilled about this place... The food is mediocre and the service really sucks. Took them ages to get our food to our table. Took them even longer to get three glasses of water to us. They even got the wrong orders for the customers next to us.

I ordered the beef ball noodle. It was bla... Might as well call it regular soup noodle with a hint of beef. I know a place in Ampang Park food court that sells beef ball noodle that packs more beef flavour than this one and for a fraction of the price too. The beef balls tasted synthetic and rubbery...

Beef ball Noodle.

Janvier ordered the curry noodle. It looked like curry noodle but upon tasting it, it tasted more like coconut milk noodle than curry noodle. Where were the spices? Were they running out? Seriously, how can a place call itself Nudle House if they can't get the flavours right?

Curry Noodle.

At least Jason ordered something that tasted like actual green curry. But again, where were the spices? It wasn't even remotely spicy. Not even a hint of chilly of any sort. I think they could have throw in more prawns and squids into the dish. There's just nothing much in it.

Dry Green Curry Noodle.

I am not happy with this place. I felt cheated and it wasn't satisfying at all. The only good thing about this place were one waiter and countless hawt guys that walked by the place. Sad really.

La Waiter.

Next stop, J.Co Donuts & Coffee.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

woooot... food post! i noticed one thing common over here u know, the curry noodle never is curry one lar.. they all forget what spicy actually is... beh

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: That's so true. Best go to those hawker stalls for it.

Jason said...

Mine was pasta leh, not noodle.

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: Oh yea... :P The place sucks though...