Desktop Meme

Now that I'm done backposting my posts, I can get back on track with current posts. Today's post will be about my desktop. Not like there's much to talk about as you will see.

Tadaa. My desktop.


The guy in my desktop is Ultimate Twink. I think I'm obsessed with him. Hahhaa. Well not really. I really like his built. Lean, thin twinks. I hear Cherry has similar body build too. I can't really tell since he only wears black.

Anyhow, I like to keep my desktop clean. I'm a minimalist when it comes to my desktop. I use Object Desktop for some of my shortcuts but not many.

What does your desktop look like?

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

Minimalist comment: Homework. :P

At least your desktop is as clean as ours. What's Object Desktop?

Queer Ranter said...

Object Desktop are like widgets and stuff. I have a top bar, hidden in the pic but pops up when I move my mouse to it.

Put neat stuff like weather forecast and shortcuts.

Janvier said...

Ooh like the Mac OS one! Understood.

chase said...

wow.. he is hot.
i like my men big and buff. haheheheh