Lights, Camera, Snap

Batu Caves, one of the famous tourist spots in Selangor and also a sacred worshiping place for Hindus. I personally have not been there until yesterday. JL, JY, Jason, McDave and I went there for a photography session.

Actually only JL, JY and McDave were taking pictures. Jason and I just tagged along for fun. It was interesting but tiring at the same time. It was really interesting the rituals Hindus conduct in the temples. They involved a lot of flowers, milk, coloured powder and fruits.

I was blessed by a priest there too. I don't think any amount of blessing will purify me of my skankiness. Heheheh. Though I think the priest was expecting a donation from me which I didn't give. I didn't have small change and RM50 is way too much for donation. The priest wasn't suppose to expect donation in the first place! Hmmmph.

I'm sure they took tonnes of photos. McDave alone took about 380++ photos in the two hours that we were there. Not sure about JL and JY, though JL was taking weird photos of our feet and crevices.

I did a little of photography myself.

Steps up Batu Caves (taken by Jason).

Shot inside of Batu Caves.

They take photos of scenery, I take photos of people.

I'm not going back to Batu Caves again. Its way too tired to climb the steps and potential hazards are everywhere. But it is a nice place for photographers to take photos.

-Live Long & Prosper


Ah-Bong said...

ooo... piccies... i like the first two.. dun like ur people shot... bleh... jangan marah ye! kekeke

Queer Ranter said...

Bong: Those were the only photos I took. Heheheh.

Janvier said...

Took. Pictures. Of. Your. Crevice.

Why wasn't this mentioned earlier???

Jason said...

Uh oh... my shot is pretty :P
And I got my cam back, yay!

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Hahahha. I want pics of your crevices then. :P

Jason: Yey. Take crevices then.

OMG Janvier you devil you. Look what have you done to me!