Meme Five Meme

This guy sure have some balls. First spam my chatbox and now tagged me with a meme! I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Thank you! Nice short meme too. I have updates to write but I'm exhausted...

On with the meme.

Tissue or handkerchief?
Tissue. I don't have space for handkerchief in my pockets and I don't want to put my handkerchief in my manbag either.

Shoes or sneakers?
Leather shoes with heels. I could use the height and I love the sound of my shoes hitting the floor.

Collar-shirt or T-shirt?
Both I guess. I have equal amount of both of them.

Brief or boxer?
How about all three? Brief, boxer and nothing.

Pants or khakis?
I don't own khakis anymore. Its jeans all the way for me. I love to wear pants but I can't wear that to class...

Fast food or restaurant/kopitiam?
Restaurant/kopitiam. Good food, good service and good company is all I'm asking.

Horror or fantasy movie?
Fantasy for me though I don't mind watching horror once in a while.

Genki Sushi or Sushi King?
Genki Sushi. I miss eating sushi...

Pavilion or The Gardens?
I like The Gardens better cause they've got a shop filled with LEGOs!

Five people:
  1. McDave (ooops I did it again)
  2. Janvier (see now you're a whole person)
  3. Jason Jr (additional bday pressie)
  4. Alex (something for you to do at "work")
  5. Drownedglass (been awhile since I last tagged you)
-Live Long & Prosper


-C said...

You forgot 'thong.'

Jason said...

Thanks dear for the pressie :P

Queer Ranter said...

C: Well lets not get technical on my underwear. It gets confusing.

Jason: *hugs I want to see you parade in it though. :P

Janvier said...

You can wear jeans to class but not pants?

adrien said...

ditto on the shoes. *strides*

janvier: can't wear pants cuz they'r too formal maybe?

David the Man said...

I am afraid Jan will do this meme and he will surely tag The Ru. And when it comes to The Ru, I will surely be tagged... boohohoho... The Ru made this self-note to himself weeks ago... I can still well remember...

William said...

Genki rules!
UW rules!

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: Too formal la...

Adrien: So smart. Heheheh. *strides along

David: Uh you can choose not to do it what.

William: UW as in underwear?

Zyklon22 said...

I used to remember you had a hankie with you all the time back in those days :)

Queer Ranter said...

Zyklon22: Never speak of it again! :P

Jason said...


chase said...

i love screaming and hugging. hehe