J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Ever since I had Big Apple's Donuts, I'm addicted to donuts. So naturally when there's a new donut shop out, I must try it out. Me love good donuts. Me despise Dunkin Donuts.

A long ass queue into this place should be some sort of an indication as to how good this place is, yes? Or maybe humans are sheep and just follow the crowd. Either way, I just had to try this place out.

The logo sure looks familiar.

Everything about this place reminded me of something. I just can't quite point it out then. The logo seems like... The menu is very familiar... The smell of the place... The packaging... The crew uniform...


Big Apples! Everything about this place reminded me of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. Even the tray that they displayed their donuts are the same! I'm confused, why are there two donuts outlets that literally sell the same kinds of donuts?

To confirm this, I ordered the peanut butter donut, my favourite. Both of them taste the SAME! Same texture, same flavour, same softness, same peanut butter filling and same chocolate topping.


3 Peanut Butter, 1 Tiramisu, 1 Strawberry & 1 Chocolate.

A quick query with the All-Knowing Google revealed an interesting fact. Seemed that Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is a rip off of J.Co.

Is that so?

I'm not too bothered about this 'donuts war'. I just love good donuts.

-Live Long & Prosper


FamezGAY said...

i think i only like their glazy donuts.. the others is too sweet for me huh.. :P

Aryaduta said...

The donuts look so delicious! :-)

You know, if you're ever feeling lonely, donut holes can serve a very good purpose. If you don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to ask me! ;-)

Queer Ranter said...

Famezgay: Its not that sweet. Well when compared to Dunkin Donuts. That's way too sweet.

Aryaduta: Don't you have Krispy Kreme there?

Ewww to the donut idea.
*tsk tsk tsk
Naughty naughty. :P

inaesb said...

Krispy kreme! Krispy kreme! :P

Have never tried J.Co before..u must treat me when I'm back.

Jason said...

I like the peanut butter although it gave me a stain on my pants!

-C said...

...I'm not even going to say anything

Janvier said...

Goodness, a donut causing you to cream your pants Jason? Juk juk juk.

Queer Ranter said...

Inaesb: Then you shall treat me Krispy Kreme!

Jason: Hahahah. I couldn't have helped you "clean" it. Just say the word.

C: You no like donut?! Me no like you. :P

Janvier: How come we didn't notice it?