Why I Want To Eat at TGI Fridays

Whenever I think of TGIF, I'll remember the Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide. Those are my all time favourite and must haves everytime I go there.

Oh TGI Fridays, where art thou~~~

As you can see from the title, you would suspect Nuffnang is up to something, plotting and scheming something for us Nuffnangers. Ever since the first plot of Why Is The Rum Gone to the latest plot Why I Want To Eat at TGIF.

I'll tell you why I want to eat at TGIF.

See this picture of The Ultimate Mudslide? Its the ONLY picture of TGIF I've got in my collection. How sad is that?! I am ashame to call myself a TGIF fan. Please help me redeem myself from this shameful state of being. Take me to TGIF and I shall camwhore the food like there's no tomorrow.

The lonely Ultimate Mudslide.

Thanks to TGIF for sponsoring an advert here in my blog, now I have cravings for Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide... Everytime I look at the advert, I'll go into a state of salivating. Its not a pretty sight.

The moist grilled beef pate, topped with smokey with a tinge of saltiness Provolone cheese and a generous serving of Jack Daniel's sauce. Crunchy fresh lettuce, juicy tomato and crispy golden brown fries on the side, salted and peppered. Now this is what I call a REAL burger.

Oh the Ultimate Mudslide. If there's such thing as the nectar of life, this is it. Just imagine vodca, Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey Irish Cream, cream, milk and ice all blended together into smooth, thick and creamy liquid. Pour it into a huge glass coated with chocolate syrup. Then pop in a hand full of Mini Kisses chocolate chip on top. Truely the Ultimate Mudslide.

I swear the amount of things I'm craving for from TGIF, I think I'm pregnant... AGAIN!

I want that Jack Daniels' Burger and the Ultimate Mudslide now!

-Live Long & Prosper


Ryan said...

Haha... so you've got the email from nuffnang. Hope you're the lucky winner!

Janvier said...

Ish. Why must we terserempak food blog during the supper hours when got no food around... :D

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Awww thanks. Are you participating?

Janvier: Hahaa. Well its not like I have pictures of the burger right? :P

Jason said...

Was eyeing on the ads few days back. Never been to TGIF before. *don't laugh, I know you're laughing* :p

SOLOACT said...

hmmm...i tried the combo promo 3 thingy thing once, kinda failed my tastebuds la..serik
tapi ala-carte dia mmg best..hehe

adrien said...

i hate you.

*waits three more hours till the azan*

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: You have not?! Well let me devirgin you in TGIF. :P

Soloact: I love their burger, mudslide and brownies! Though by the time I'm done with the burger, I can't eat anymore...

Adrien: Awwww. Poor kid. Come spank me. :P

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

my oh my queer ranter! how can i join that nuffnang thingie? im craving for a burger right this very moment! =)

jack daniel's burger would be the perfect entree for my krispy kreme desserts. combine it with the ultimate mudslide and i'll be in gustatory orgasm i won't even remember my name... at all.

linked you up queer ranter. =)

Jason said...

Uuuh oh... I would really love to be devirgin at TGIF :D

Queer Ranter said...

Ruff: You can join Nuffnang then you can enter the competition. :)

Eeeeeeks. I want donuts! Post it here deng it. Gastronomic orgasm eh? How about just a mind blowing orgasm? :P

Jason: Oooo. Is that an invitation? :P