Rendangs, Wii & Frangi

Last night was a blast. What at first seemed like a usual open house party ended up becoming a reach-home-at-3-am affair. We were out par-ta-ying of course! Shake your booty booty, its your duty duty.

I honestly thought, with all the zombie obsession that is Sam, we will go to a mansion ala Adam's Family. Secret tunnels, secret rooms and basements full of body parts here and there. Not forgetting the permanent thunder clouds lingering around the highest peak of the mansion to supply energy to whatever experiments he was conducting. The courtyard filled with tombstones of unnamed victims.

Thank goodness its a normal suburban house. We did the usual eating, chatting, laughing and the occasional opportunistic gropings. I tried my very best to behave but my shirt was just oozing with fagness. It was just a plain white shirt too...

There was one unexpected discovery made that night. The little toddler looks like someone we know. A discovery so massive that it threatens to tear the very fabric of space itself. It was a shocker. I shall not speak of it more for it is rather frightening. Its one of those strange but true moments.

Anyhow, leaving that anomaly aside, I heart the Wii! We all played this fun-tastic party game with all the weird hand movements and jiggle here and there. Then, I was playing Trauma Center where I was trained to be a surgeon and save patient's lives. Fun fun fun and Sam has a scrub (I wonder where he stole that from...) to go with it too.

I want a Wii~~~

As if it was by default (OMG I'm turning into a geek), Janvier the alcoholic, suggested we go to Frangi's. What a way to welcome Hari Raya eh? Who can refuse that suggestion when coupled with FREE COVER CHARGE courtesy of Adrien. Woot woot. So we tszuj-ed up and head to Frangi's.

So many beautiful boys around. So many queers in one small place. Being a Frangi Virgin that I was, I was literally gugu gaga over everything. Not to mention a cute friend of Janvier's.

I heart that place a lot despite the bad ventilation and a permanent haze of cigarette smoke. The drinks there are fucking overpriced! I had Sex On The Beach and it was RM31.31... I'd rather go to Lunar Bar for drinks... Oh and also weird angmo encounter... That freaked my out but thank goodness my ex's ex saved me from that life threatening encounter.

Now I shall get ready for another open house. Destination Adrien's house.

-Live Long & Prosper


Aryaduta said...

I love playing with my friend's Wii, too! It's so cold and hard, and I love the fact that I can manipulate it with my hands in so many different ways. I always get excited when I wrap my hands around his Wii! :-P

I almost forgot about the term "Ang Mo"! There was a neighborhood in Singapore called Ang Mo Kio. Good times! :-P

Queer Ranter said...

Aryaduta: Something tells me you're not talking about the Nintendo Wii are you? I wonder what you do to the Nunchuk...

I remember Ang Mo Kio. Heheheh.

Jason said...

That game is call Smooth Moves I think :)