Too Lazy To Blog

Arrrrgh. So swamped with so much work... Presentation for my Plant Design is in two days time and we still have calculation problems with the flowrates here and there! Just gotta get this over and done with.

Thank goodness I found some websites to keep me sane, entertained and virile.

Website #1

The tagline for this website is "A documentary about one mans evolving relationship with his penis". With a tagline like that, its gotta be interesting yes? Lots of general facts about the penis (and pictures too) that I wished I have read this during the my pubescence years.

As they say, never too young to be educated.

Compliments to the guy who made this website (and to his tool too).

Website #2

Then by the stroke of luck or skankiness, I stumbled into this blog. Male Masturbation Techniques. Interesting. Its like JackinWorld but with real demonstration to accompany with the instructions. Don't mind learning new tricks to clean my riffle.

Maybe I'll find something that McDave would like. Hehehe.

Website #3

With the phallus websites out of the way, meet Evil Overlord Inc. Its not an S&M website or sex related in anyway. Its a... I... Hmmm... Well just open it yourself. Its quite entertaining I assure you.

-Live Long & Prosper


Aryaduta said...

It's amazing how you somehow manage to "stumble" upon all of these websites. You know, they say that you go blind if you masturbate too much! :-P

I'm blind by the way! ;-)

Jason said...

Memang lapang sangat nii

Queer Ranter said...

Aryaduta: Eeeeeeeeks. Say it isn't so. If I go blind, how am I to ogle at twinkies. If I don't wank, I'll go nuts! :P

Jason: Not free ok... Just happened to find them. Hheeh.

David the Man said...

Lazy? Hehehe... I am lazy too... at times, just don't feel like blogging at all... plan to write my blogs in such a way that each blog contains the weekly activities and thoughts for the past week. That would be easier, wouldn't it?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

male masturbation techniques? i only know one and it involves just one palm. hmmm, that site tickled my curiosity queer hunter eh? =)

and yup you're right. we're never too old for some education.

and oooh, secret penis? is there such a thing as a secret penis? =)

as for blogging, i post new entries with 2-3 days interval. so far, writer's block hasn't visited me... yet.

Queer Ranter said...

David: Heheheh. I like things to come what may. :P

Ruff: Yep yep. Interesting techniques. Don't over do it till it falls off though.

Ryan said...

Nice sites! Thanks for sharing!

Queer Ranter said...

Ryan: Hehehe. No prob.

Advanced Masturbation said...

Check out was created by the same group as the site you listed,

masturbation toys said...

Has been my favorite topic. I hope you can update more often this blog.

Anonymous said...

I masturbate 5 to 6 times a that fine or not..please some one let me know.