Squeeze My Oranges?

I don't know why but I don't really fancy eating fruits. If its there, I'll eat it. If its not, I won't go hunting for it. I do, however, like to drink fruit juices. How I miss JuiceWorks and their wonderful fruit blends.

What happens when I got mom to buy a load of oranges?

Bucket load of oranges.

I squeeze them into juice of course!

But what to use?


Manual Orange Squeeze Thinggi.

Like hell no!

Meet CitrusPress.


This is how you do it.


Orange juice in a blink of an eye.

Orange juice.

-Live Long & Prosper


Kit said...

how precious. you see i would use the first way to juice anything. but then again i love eating fruits. oranges, mangos, guavas and such. that's perhaps why i'm so fruity. haha

Aryaduta said...

Have you ever considered the possibility of sitting on the CitrusPress for some real fun? Why juice oranges when you can juice your ass? :-P

I love orange juice. The more pulp that it has, the better! Of course, I might as well just eat an orange if I want maximum pulp! :-P

Queer Ranter said...

Kit: Guess I'm a gadget boy. Heheh. I love the juicer. So fun!

Aryaduta: You come up with the wackiest things man. Hahahah. I don't think I'd try that idea of yours anytime soon if ever. :P

Jason said...

Lazy-nyer :P
But I won't hunt for fruit too. I'll just eat if I feel I wanna eat them.

William said...

I prefer not to juice oranges.

Queer Ranter said...

Jason: But I'll bet you'll go hunt for bananas right? :P

William: Then what do you do with them?

chase said...

i like my oranges in a cartoon ready to drink .hehe