Who's That?

Due to some inexplicable reasons, I am really bad with names. Experienced tonnes of embarrassing moments with names. So much so that I just don't really bother remembering them anymore. I can't even remember names of Hollywood stars... Save for the really good looking ones.

So to help me survive in the world of socializing, I'll just not bothered with the names. I feel like hiring an Andy Sachs to notify me who's who. So diva, I know... So I resort to other methods, talk my way through and hope for the best the bugger don't ask me if I know his name.

*walking to the room with roomie*

QR: Hey!
Dude I: Hi there.
QR: Just got back from the temple?
Dude I: Yea. How was the test?
QR: My hands hurt like hell...
Dude I: Hahahha. Well see yea.
QR: See yea.
Roomie: Who was that?
QR: Dunno.
Roomie: ?! You had an entire conversation with him and you don't know who is he?
QR: *shrugs

Always works like a charm.

Who asks others if they know their names right? I think it would be rather strange asking, "Do you know my name?" or worse, "Say my name". That would be amusing wouldn't you think?

It would be Russell Peters all over again with the "Say my name".

Come on, I know you want to. Just say it, say my name.

-Live Long & Prosper


Janvier said...

"Oh my god...(pok)!xobile!" LOL.

Aryaduta said...

I'm horrible with names, too! People seem to always remember my name, but for some reason, I can't remember theirs. Maybe it's because they're ugly! :-P

I always find myself saying, "Hey, you!" I would be such a prick if I admitted that I didn't know their name. Of course, I'm being an ever bigger prick by pretending to know their name, but they don't have to know that! :-P

Russell Peters is hilarous! His Asian accents always crack me up! No one believes that's his real name, and he's always telling the crowd, "It's my real name. You can aks my parents Eric and Maureen!" :-)

Ryan said...

Only when one's a total hunk, else I am bad in remembering names too.

conan_cat said...

LOL! i got the same problem too! sometimes got someone call me then i also can have a whole conversation with him and i still don't know what's his name XD hahaha paiseh!

laughing at the youtube now haha

Queer Ranter said...

Janvier: You should have exclamation marks on your name too !janvier!. :P

Aryaduta: Heheh. He is hilarious indeed. Though I don't really like his other stuff. This one is his best I reckon.

Ryan: Hahahah. Twinkie for me then. :P

Conan: Seems like it's a worldwide problem. Hahhaha.

Go watch his full show.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i'm horrible, er, I SUCK when it comes to remembering names. unless of course when the guy is totally good-looking thence i would remember everything, and i mean everything, about that person.

in cases when i'm trapped into the conversation, i make it a point to ask the person's name before the conversation ends, but of course in a subtle way like,

"what's your nickname again?"

it never fails... er, okay, it really sucks. =)

Ban said...

Can we call you little QR? :P

Jason said...

Too lazy to say your name :p

Queer Ranter said...

Ruff: Ah yes. Anyone interesting enough will immediately be of interest to me and I shall stalk him to the ends of the eart. Mehehhehe.

Ban: *smack

Jason: *smack smack smack

zacharoo! said...

Sneaky little you..... :D

Queer Ranter said...

Zacharoo: Hehehhe. No I'm not. :P