Sixth Sense?

Some people can predict the future, some can see the spirit world while the others don't have any sixth sense. I seem to have a uncanny ability to predict when I'll gett sms from Mc Dave and only him. Everytime I get an sms from him is after I pick up my phone, looked at it and put it back to where it was. Sometimes, I would be thinking of him and the sms just comes or he and I will sent an sms to each other at the same time. Must be the mass sms we've been sending each other and if I'm not wrong, its about 1000 plus sms in less than a month. Evolution in the making? Send tonnes of sms to evolve to a psychic being. Hehehe. I kinda predicted that Mc Dave would give me a suprise today. He came to my house after his exams today~~~ Had dinner with me and my parents.

I remember back when I was young, I was susceptible of seeing ghosts/spirits. I could only see but couldn't communicate to them. Just seeing them doing the things that they do, mostly wondering around but some of them actually upset and scared the shit out of me. Once I had a scary encounter in Vietnam while visiting my parents during my school holidays. I was sleeping in the living hall in a hotel but I stayed up the whole night not sleeping cause of the intense feeling of fear. I could see a hand stained with blood even though I closed my eyes and was under my blanket. I was sweating soo much but I remained that way till day break. That was the scariest encounter I ever had.

I still do see them from time to time but very rare. The last time was in my hostel room back in campus. The first time I entered the room, it felt chilly but I didn't think much of it cause it was a freaking hot day and chilly was good. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at night cause I could sense there was something there in the room and it had a very frightening aura to it. Though I only felt that when I was going to sleep. When I was awake, it wouldn't disturb. Now that I'm changing room next semester, I hope things would be better.

Another encounter was when my mom and I were flying to Penang. I was sitting at the window seat looking at clouds. Then suddenly, I saw the goddess Kuan Yin standing on a lotus flower on the clouds with two other beings that looked like kids. I quickly told my mom and she looked out but she couldn't see anything while it was as clear as day for me. Ever since then, I feel like someone is watching over me.

My faghag, KKK, she too had the ability to see ghosts but unlike me, she could summon this particular
ghost. A witch to me precise. Imagine Professor Mc Gonagall. I know, its weird but funny since we have "bomohs" instead of witches here in Malaysia. Perhaps this witch was lost or something.

Anyone with interesting Sixth Sense?

-Live Long & Prosper


MrBunnyBan said...

Wow. That's really something.

One thing I don't get is, why do ghosts always come off as a scary feeling? If I were a ghost, I'd try to be as friendly as possible.

Kyle said...

Wah Liew, bloody hand under ur blanket???? It'll scare the life out of me... literally...

shine said...

I have Sex Sense, I can tell who has the biggest cock by looking at just his face.

Does that count?

ceusm said...

well.. i have several encounters as well which i wrote in my blog last month i guess..

I think all we can do is just leave them alone n they will leave us alone too.. Although it is scary, but no choice ler. my scariest one would be the one i saw on the road and also in my previous hostel room as well.. gosh.. did hostel really full of ghosts? uhmnn..

ceusm said...

btw.. gosh u saw kuanyin uhmnn? woa.. how lucky u r.. I wish i could see kuanyin with his 2 followers.. Gosh... U r soo lucky then...

++ Chris ++ said...

That sixth-sense ability also inherited in my family from my grandma, since we can see ghost and communicate with'em. But I think that my ability is now weaken, lol.

Cybertron said...

wah lucky dude. u n ceusm's past life may have been a meditation or samadhi being or person having penetration eyes (means can c all 6 realms beings). we do have 6 types of penetrations, just dat we have lost dat pure ability.

6 Psychic Power or penetrations
(1) heavenly eye
(2) heavenly ear
(3) regard to past lives
(4) regard to the minds
(5) spiritually based psychic powers
(6) extinction of outflows

With this ability, as ur born to this life n will b attracted into other ppl who had same abilities as u. A known master can open or close this eye.

++ Chris ++ said...

Hehe, then I will be attracted to Defiant :D
Thanks cibe for the info, I'll tell my mum about it~~